god eater season 2

God Eater Season 2 Release Date

God Eater series is based on an action role-playing video game with the same name. The series aired on July 12, 2015, on many big channels right away, such as Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd., KBS Kyoto, Kochi Sun Sun Broadcasting, Inc., Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Shikoku Broadcasting, Sun TV, and Tokio MX. Outside of Japan, the series is broadcast by Daisuki Mangas (France) and the Animated Digital Network.

The plot is taken from the game entirely: remnants of humanity are trying to resist mysterious monsters called Aragami. An organization known as Fernir uses people who have Aragami cells implanted in them in order to turn them into super-weapons capable of fighting monsters. The main hero is named Renka Utsugi and this is the only difference between the match in which the main hero was created and named by the player. Renka is taken in Fernir of the parts of the world, surpassed by Aragami and he is full of revenge towards the creatures. When he becomes part of Fernir, he is first sent to the training ground and then to battle.

god eater season 2

There are a lot of 3D graphics in God Eater. We could say that there is too much 3D. It’s strange it feels like you are watching a game without being able to play it.

It does not appear that this series will have a sequel. Most likely this is a marketing move to promote the game. But if there is a sequel, the second season is going to come out in the winter of 2017. The producers are still to schedule the exact release date of new episodes, so you can visit us or the latest news, or subscribe to our notifications and get God Eater season 2 premiere date automatically sent to your inbox as soon as it was announced.

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