Google Chrome: Why You Are Seeing Red Screen? How to Fix It!

Google Chrome is an open source web browser developed by the Google Chrome project. It was first released in 2008 as a beta version, and has since grown to become the most popular web browser on desktops worldwide. Today we are facing an issue with our google chrome installation. A red screen appears, and nothing works anymore. It is an error of some kind.

What is google chrome critical error red screen?


Google chrome critical error red screen is a term used for the problem which arises when you trying to install google chrome. When it shows up on your screen as an alert message.

Reasons of google chrome critical error red screen

Some of the causes that may be responsible for this error are:

Unable to download google chrome vital update. Check if your internet connection is working properly and you can connect with any application like browser, Facebook or Gmail etc…

In case you are unable to do so then retry downloading from such source other than the official Google Chrome.

Application installer has gone into Black Screening on Windows 10 After updating thousands of files across several programs (graphic, scripting and other applications) your computer is unable to connect with OneDrive. Check if any of these files are accountable for the issue has arisen.

Upgrading google chrome might not be an efficient process, sometimes this can corrupt critical service installed in the system by accident

Steps to fix google chrome critical error red screen

There are two ways for this error on the system.

1) You can try to figure out which application is responsible for running in the background after you install google chrome with Task Manager

2) Run a scan from Windows utility and check why Google Chrome black screen appears?

Reset google chrome browser

If you have installed google chrome on your PC and when you try to open it, then screen comes up with Critical Error: Google Chrome has encountered a problem. There is absolutely no way for logging in any form within the user interface of this application.

Uninstall dodgy programs

If you have installed Google Chrome, but then encountered critical error, immediately visit the tips section quickly. Now delete various applications to get rid of this issue from your system on Windows 10/8/7 regularly whenever you encounter security issues in no time and don’t forget that all application uninstall entire properly when it becomes black screen.

Remove virus and malware

This is an important step as almost all problems are related to any form of virus or malware presence on the system, so for your happy and safe experience you must uninstall all possible things which typically may include computer utilities like Avast free antivirus; Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software etc.

Delete suspicious extensions and URLs

From time to time we receive clues about some unwanted software or URL for accessing an official website; this may in turn makes you a trouble. So, if something suspicious is present then Google Chrome won’t work professionally one again and it will keep on appearing with red horizontal lines over the browser tabs that have been opened previously from your system.


Google chrome critical error red screen is a common error that appears when you are trying to open chrome. This error shows up on your computer screen and can be very frustrating. The problem may also be caused by an infected or compromised computer. So what should you do? It is recommended that you run a full system scan with the latest antivirus software to check for viruses and malware.

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