How long is Devil may cry 5

How long is Devil may cry 5?

Devil may cry 5 is an upcoming game in the popular Japanese video game franchise, devil may cry. It is set to be released in 2015 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

The latest installment of the series focuses again on Dante, however, there is a new protagonist by the name of Nero who plays a supporting role to Dante. Apparently, Nero has been struggling with demonic arm power, which you might see in the official trailer. Read more: PlayStation LifeStyle: all you need to know

How long is devil may cry 5?

How long is Devil may cry 5

The game is said to be 20 hours long. That’s all the information we have on Devil may cry 5 at this point. The new protagonist is Nero, a young man who has been given demonic arm powers by the head of the Order, Sanctus. He has been struggling with these powers and perhaps you can see this struggle in the official trailer for devil may cry 5 where he screams loudly after what looks like an attack from Dante leaves him injured.

There are also returning characters like Dante and Vergil who are brothers, but no longer demon hunters like in previous games. They now live together in their own manor. You might read: What does a carrot on a stick do in Minecraft?

There is also the head of the Order, Sanctus Diaboli who is served by demons known as The Fallen. He has demonic powers that enable him to transform into something even more powerful.

There are also the holy knights of the Order of The Sword who act on orders from Sanctus. They carry pistols that can transform into large bazooka-like weapons which they use to their advantage in fights.

The game is set to be story-driven but will offer more RPG elements than previous games did. That’s all we know about the story for Devil may cry 5 at this point.

The game is set to be 20 hours long, that’s all we know about the length of the game. Read now: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

Devil may cry 5 gameplay and mechanics

Gameplay is the same as it always was, however, there are some new abilities and weapons. For example, Nero can use his demonic arm powers to grab enemies by their faces and throw them into the air or pull them closer to do damage. He also has a sword that he can use in close combat with enemies. Devil may cry 5 will also feature a leveling-up mechanic and new abilities.

Devil may cry 5 will be released for PS4 and Xbox One in 2015, but you can pre-order Devil may cry 5 now to get extra costumes and items if you want.

That’s all we know about Devil may cry 5 at this point. Stay tuned for more updates on devil may cry 5 and other games.

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