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You would think that working in an office would mean we wouldn’t want to spend our free time watching TV shows about life in an office. However, comedies about office life are among the most popular on TV. Perhaps because we relate so much to what goes on in offices and find this hilarious! Here are some of the top shows and films about office life:

The Office

This show was produced in a mockumentary style for both a UK and American TV audience. Both shows featured a half-wit of a boss who was so cringeworthy, you couldn’t help but laugh. Ridiculous antics and plenty of office politics and romance ensured that every episode was gripping, when we weren’t hiding our eyes from the embarrassment of the world’s most awkward boss! Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell played the hapless bosses of the paper companies Wernham Hogg (UK) and Dunder Mifflin (U.S).

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The IT Crowd

Trapped in the basement of a corporation, the IT Crowd does a great job of representing the dull monotony of many office jobs. This was a hugely popular show, being a crossover between alternative and mainstream comedy and starred Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Chris O’Dowd.


OK, so not strictly an office but a workplace that shares many of the same characteristics of an office. Being stuck working with nutty colleagues in close proximity and the hilarious interactions between characters and customers brings a unique twist to this workplace comedy. Those who enjoy watching office comedies will easily relate to Superstore, plus we’re all familiar with supermarkets and shops!

Office Space

This film has been praised as capturing the exact essence of what it’s like to work in an office. It’s a tale of dissatisfied employees fighting back against an awful boss. It superbly portrays the frustration of dealing with petty rules and management that you can’t stand. Thankfully, most office workers are reasonably happy at work! To keep your office staff happy, make sure you consider Office Cleaning Tewkesbury from a site like https://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning-gloucestershire/office-cleaning-tewkesbury/

Office Uprising

This is one film you probably haven’t heard of but if you’re looking for something a bit different, this would certainly fit the bill. Office Uprising is a horror movie based in a weapons manufacturing facility. Unfortunately the staff are given the wrong formula and end up turning into zombies! Bet this has never happened in your office – yet!

Parks & Recreation

Filmed in a mockumentary style similar to The Office, this show features a fictional local government office with all the usual quirky characters, annoying boss and hilarious antics that you would expect from a satirical workplace show.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine

Although this show’s antics take place in a police precinct, some of the characters wouldn’t be out of place in The Office with the added excitement of criminals! The premise of the show is a team of detectives in New York City and is a light-hearted poke at police procedures. It was hugely popular and ran for 8 seasons before airing its final episode this year.

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