Venue for Your Big Day

How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

When you are looking for a gorgeous wedding venue in Raleigh, you need to consider a wide range of factors. This is your wedding day we are talking about here; you want this special day to be perfect, magical, and unique. It’s a day you are going to remember for the rest of your life and if you fail to choose a wedding venue best-suited for this remarkable event, the one thing that you’ll remember the most is that your choice of venue was subpar, at best.

You have put a lot of time and effort into finding the best caterers who have helped design the perfect menu. You’ve picked the invitations and, of course, it seems as if you’ve been shopping for that ideal dress for weeks. But now you have to choose a venue that meets the same high standards that every other component has achieved.

So, let’s consider all of the most important factors that go into finding just the right venue for your big day. There are plenty of options out there but only one is going to serve every purpose you need.

It’s All About Location

Whether you decide you want to be married where you live now or you want to go somewhere else in the world to hold the ceremony, you need to find that ideal venue that holds a special importance to you and your spouse. So, the best thing to do is first decide where you really want to get married.

If Raleigh is that place, start seeking out local venues that will tick off all the essential boxes for finding that ideal location for making your day truly unique and distinctive.

Online Resources

Turning to the internet can be extremely useful in helping you to select your dream venue. What’s great about doing this all online is that most potential venues come with websites that display a myriad of photos and explanations of the many features that each location offers.

This access to a multitude of location options leaves you with a variety of choices as you can visit each and every one without leaving your couch or desk. It is extremely important to stress that you should never hire a wedding venue without seeing it first, so when you do start your search online be sure to actually go and visit the venues like in person. The reason being that online photos you might find on the venue’s website may be misleading or just simply don’t capture the true beauty of the place. Always go and visit the venue itself before booking anything for your special day.

Know What Style You Want

Some couples have a look and feel in mind, others may still be searching for exactly what they want. But whether you already have a theme for your wedding or you don’t quite know what that will be just yet, you want a venue that has the style you’re looking for.

You may want to go with something that reflects your personal taste, perhaps you have a medieval wedding in mind or the two of you love horses so a barn is the best place for your perfect wedding. The local banquet hall or hotel ballroom may not be the place for you, your wedding is expected to be a little more particular than something everyone else is doing.

Not to say that those other options won’t work, but they may not be your style and so you should look into other possibilities that are more in tune with your needs.


You’ve probably thought about who you plan to invite to your wedding. But have you made a full tally of the guest list yet? The number of people you expect to show up is something you should have in mind already, before you start looking at potential venues. That’s because you want to hire a space that will accommodate everyone.

Think about the activities you plan on while you’re at the wedding. Will there be dancing? Will there be a sit-down dinner or a buffet? Your venue needs to be large enough to accommodate all of your planned agenda for the evening.

There is nothing worse than having a wedding in a space that is cramped. You run the risk of the fire marshal shutting the whole thing down and it can get pretty hot and uncomfortable in a small place with a large number of attendees. So, get an idea of the size of your guest list, then you can start to whittle down your list of potential candidates.

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