3 Tips for Moving Your Manufacturing Facility

There are a number of reasons to move a manufacturing facility to a new location. The availability of a skilled labor pool, lower utility rates, better access to transportation hubs may all play into the decision. No matter why you have made the choice to move your facility, you want to do it in the most efficient and growth-oriented way. This will help keep moving costs down and ensure you retain your customer base throughout the transition.

1. Choose Your New Location Wisely

A manufacturing facility will increase the tax base, create jobs and help fuel growth in the area. That is why many towns and cities are offering incentives to attract these businesses. Before you settle on a location, scout possible programs to see if any can help cover the costs associated with your move and possibly your overhead going forward.

2. Have a Plan for Your Equipment

Once you locate a building, develop a plan fo your equipment. Include a floorplan that shows where everything will be placed to optimize space. It is easiest to have all utility and venting connections in place before you bring in the machinery. Arrange for large equipment movers near me to transport existing equipment to the new site and set it up.

3. Communicate Your Intentions

Share your intentions to move with staff through an effective company-wide communication strategy. Staff meetings will give larger staff groups the chance to ask questions and get answers right away. This will help reduce water cooler chatter about possibilities. Once employees know about the move, share it with customers and suppliers so they can plan for the change. Be clear about timelines and schedules for the move.

The logistics of a manufacturing move can be overwhelming. Clear communication and a well-thought-out plan for the new facility will help make the process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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