How to keep fish fresh
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How to keep fish fresh

The fish is one of the most food nutritious and tasty that we can incorporate into our diet. But their intake can also be dangerous if not in perfect condition. It is very important not to break the cold chain throughout the preservation process. And how we give you the keys to keep fish fresh. And maintain all its properties. Here are the tips on how to keep fish fresh.

Steps to follow:How to keep fish fresh

  1. To keep the fish fresh, it is important to know that we can keep it in the fridge for a maximum of two days. So that it retains all its properties and nutrients. Once purchased, it is convenient to clean it, wash it well and remove all the viscera.
  2. Once we have the fish clean, it is convenient to place it on a plate. And wrap it with a slightly damp cloth. In any case, it is convenient to keep it in the fridge with the bag given to us at the fish shop. It is also important to place the fish in the coldest area of ​​the fridge. This way we will keep it even cooler.
  3. In case we want to freeze it, the process varies somewhat. We can place the fish on a tray suitable for the freezer and wrap in plastic wrap. If we want to freeze it, it is not convenient to wash it before being frozen. We will do the fish cleaning process once it is thawed.
  4. The fish should be frozen in different trays or packages, depending on the type of fish. That is if we buy squid and whiting. Each fish would have to be frozen in a different package. So that the flavors do not mix. In addition, it is interesting to freeze by pieces so that when defrosting. We defrost only those that we are going to consume.
  5. To keep the fish fresh and also all its flavor, if we are going to consume a piece that has been frozen, it is advisable to thaw it in the fridge and not at room temperature. To do this, you must thaw the piece 24 hours before consumption. And if possible, place it in the coldest part of the fridge, so that the process is more natural and the fish maintains all its properties.
  6. Once the fish has been defrosted in the fridge and is suitable for consumption, we can wash it and remove the viscera before cooking.
  7. If you are going to take raw fish, it is advisable in any case to freeze it to avoid anisakis, a larva that can remain in some fish. Therefore, by freezing the piece for 72 hours, we will avoid a possible contagion.
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