How to lighten hair without bleach

How to lighten hair without bleach

Bleaching is a chemical process that affects our hair negatively. It is an abrasive process that burns the cuticles and the scalp. The hairs that are performed discoloration suffer a lot and need very comprehensive care. Pampering your hair if you decide to bleach it is essential because otherwise, you will notice it even after a few days. Even if you have dry hair, the process will be accentuated much more, making the hair look frizzy for longer. To do this, you must use a specific shampoo for dehydrated hair and masks.

Another disadvantage of bleaching is that you have to go to the hairdresser more constantly to touch up your hair. Especially if you have decided to bleach too much you will have to go more often. You will have to cut the ends and go cleaning as soon as you can.

Alternatives to bleaching

In coloring, there are many techniques to lighten our hair and not damage it. Highlights are one of the best options to achieve more luminosity without damaging all the hair. More and more we can find alternative hairdressers much more respectful of our hair. If you are also looking for a change of look but that is not too drastic, highlights are one of the best alternatives.

BabylightsHow to lighten hair without bleach

The babylights are the latest trend in color. If you want a color change in your hair, babylights are one of the best options. They are very fine highlights that are made from the roots, enhancing a baby blonde. They help to create a natural shine and lighten the hair much more without damaging it as in the bleaching process. Now is a good time to do them since with the summer they tend to lighten too much, and in some cases take on a very intense orange or blonde tone.

Maria Pombo wears a combination of these trendy babylights highlights. It gives the face much more light, naturalness, and shine to the hair. We love!

BrondeHow to lighten hair without bleach

Brunettes are in luck because there are also highlights for them and without having to change their look to a blonde. They are called bronde, which achieve a look on the hair that is neither very blonde nor very dark brown. They will give brunettes the perfect highlight they need. Many like Gala González or Sara Carbonero have opted for this alternative to lighten their hair but in a very (very) natural way. Her brown hair continues to predominate and show through most of her hair.

BalayageHow to lighten hair without bleach

Surely these types of highlights sound familiar to you and are that the balayage along with the babylights is one of the most popular coloring trends. More and more celebrities and influencers are joining this trend in order to illuminate their hair and at the same time protect it. Balayage started out as a coloring technique to sweep away color without being as aggressive as a complete discoloration. This technique is applied strand by strand, so it takes much longer than usual. These highlights do not touch the roots, so it will take you much longer to go to the hairdresser to touch up the color. You can give them from medium to ends and with different types of intensity.

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