Myths about the egg

Myths about the egg

The egg is one of the foods that can improve your’s well – being. In fact, having an optimal state of health depends on its consumption. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths that have made it almost synonymous with cholesterol. Next, we disassemble all these hoaxes so you can enjoy their properties quietly.

The most repeated lies about the nutritional contribution of eggs

Surely, you will have heard, even from the mouth of a doctor, some of which we will now explain.

Eggs increase cholesterol levelMyths about the egg

You are going to do a blood test, the doctor checks that you have high cholesterol and prohibits you from consuming more than two eggs a week. We must tell you that this decision is as erroneous as it is useless.

Although it is true that the egg contains cholesterol, it is not that it causes an alteration in its levels. Cholesterol is created by your own body. What’s more, you can eat one egg a day without fear of this consequence. It is more effective to lower your cholesterol by reducing the intake of saturated fats than from eggs.

Eating eggs regularly makes you fatMyths about the egg

This myth is based on the fat contained in this food. The best thing is that it is monounsaturated fats that benefit your body. Therefore, it is possible to eat eggs since, in general, the accompaniment is fattening more than the food itself.

Only the white is interesting from a nutritional point of view

Based on the previous point, the yolk is usually discarded. No one doubts that the white provides a more than recommended amount of protein, but the yolk provides vitamins A, B, D, and E as well as phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

In addition, the egg contains lutein and zeaxanthin, basic to improve vision. Choline, derived from vitamin B, is essential for brain function. Consuming the whole egg is the only way to benefit from its properties.

Causes heavy digestionMyths about the egg

Not the egg, but the way to cook it. When preparing it fried you have to maintain the almost liquid texture of the yolk and it provides too many calories. The cooked egg can be somewhat indigestible due to the oxidation that occurs in the white proteins. The best way to taste it is by boiling or poaching.

It is a food that generates salmonellosis

That the majority of infections caused by this bacterium have occurred due to recipes with eggs that seems to justify this hoax. In all cases, it was shown that poor preservation of this ingredient and poor hygienic conditions during the preparation of the dishes were the true causes of the problem.

We hope we have clarified that you can increase your well-being by consuming eggs without any fear. As is logical, it is advisable not to abuse and include them in a varied diet. Combined with other healthy foods, they can help you benefit from its splendid properties for your health. Lose the fear of this food and you will notice the difference.

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