how to preserve tomatoes

How to preserve tomatoes?

How can we keep tomatoes (raw or fresh) for longer, through a simple trick with which I can guarantee that by following it to the letter you can keep your tomatoes three times as long and thus be able to have them in our salads and other dishes?

We live in global moments of overexploitation of food resources and famines, of an all or nothing in which there seems to be no coherence in the use and enjoyment of what the earth offers us. Millions of kilos of food are thrown away by not consuming them at their optimum moment and tomatoes are by no means alien to these bad practices. Also read: How to freeze asparagus

How to preserve tomatoes?

how to preserve tomatoes

The tomato or tomato is one of the most common fruits in kitchens around the world. A very versatile ingredient used in countless recipes depending on how we are going to consume it and that we will preserve in different ways:

  • In sauces ( fried tomato )
  • In jams and preserves ( homemade tomato jam )
  • dried as a dressing (stews, salads …)
  • canned (crushed, whole …)

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Preserve tomatoes by frying

We will start by heating the oil over medium heat in a pan. When it is hot, we will add the crushed tomato, stirring it to integrate it with the oil. Learn How to tell if pineapple is bad?

When it begins to fry, we will see that it bubbles. At that moment, we must add the sugar and salt (this is how we regulate the acidity of the tomato). Next, we stir the sauce well until everything is well integrated.

From here, we must cover the pan and let it cook for about 20 minutes. Regularly we will have to uncover and stir the fried tomato so that it does not burn. We will see that little by little. It loses part of its water condensing.

After that time, we will uncover it and test it to see if we should rectify the salt point.

If you decide to pack it, you just have to put the hot fried tomato in the sterilized glass jars, close them and turn them over so that the vacuum is correctly made. When the jars are cold, we can store them with the lids up. Let’s read How to reheat tamales

How should we preserve the tomato if we don’t make them?

Depending on whether the tomatoes are greener or riper, we must preserve them in different ways, but the main thing so that their properties are not altered is that we treat them delicately, without hitting them or pressing them against each other.

When they are green tomatoes picked ahead of time, we must keep them at room temperature, in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Place them with the stem down to prevent them from losing moisture. The refrigerator is not advisable since the low temperature affects the flavor and texture of the tomato.

When the tomatoes are at their optimum point of consumption, we must keep them in a cool and dry place, ventilated and away from sunlight as before. We will place them by removing the stem and putting the part of the nipple down. Thus we will continue to prevent them from losing moisture and wrinkling. The refrigerator may be advisable if we can maintain a temperature not lower than 10ÂșC.

When we have ripe tomatoes, we must put them in the refrigerator in a paper bag, no more than 3-4 days. At this point, we will have to consume them as soon as possible or make something with them.

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