Making a Chandelier. The Art of Glass.

What could be better or more stunning than a beautiful light feature in your home. Something that can make people gasp when they enter the room and also increase its value is a sure-fire winner. One of the ways that you can do this is with a Chandelier. There are many to choose from and you need not go abroad as there are Chandeliers UK based companies that will help. One of the most prominent is so they are a great place to start. How though does one go about making such a beautiful thing? Let us have a look.

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The construction of Chandelier is truly a work of art time and patience. It rather depends on the what you’re after Glass is the most used element and luckily glass is a very pliable and mouldable subject material to work with. The parts are fused together at extremely high temperatures to create the finished pieces. Amazingly this is done on an individual basis. This can be poured into mould and produced on mass. Where a symmetry is sought after this can be the best way forward. However there is always the option of something hand made. Here two artisans will make and craft the chandelier crystals. The crystals require, hot ash and silica to be heated at an extraordinary high temperature. This makes the glass heavier. When it is in this hot state it can be clipped and changed to what ever shape the Chandelier maker wants or to the order required,

The glass can be either hand blown, which requires an enormous about of skill. This is rolled by hand, though not touching the glass itself of course, and slowly air is blown into the mixture to create air bubbles of size that can be modelled. The alternative and quick method is to place the glass on rollers where a series of tools is used to meld the galls into a suitable shaped or, as stated before whatever the piece requires.

Cold air is then blown over the pieces to make sure that they set into a solid shape. Blow torches are used to correct any imperfections on the surface or remove and flash. Bowl shaped designs see a very strange sight as the molten glass crystal sis poured into a mould and shaped around the mould. This is done using tools; the glass is pushed into the mould and then cooled slowly. Too fast and the glass will crack and break. It is literally tipped out almost like making a jelly. To get colour such as red a 24 karat gold pattern is added and the pieces heated up to over one thousand degrees. Once everything is cooled decals are hand brushed on to give the art deco effect. It is an incredible process that seem also like alchemical with these wizards of glass producing such wonderful pieces. Consider it for your home.

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