Premises Liability

Premises Liability – What it is, and How it Can Affect You

Premises liability is something at the forefront of every landlord’s mind. However, landlords don’t often know how to navigate it. With proper legal guidance, you avoid mistakes that might compromise your property. For this reason, working with a good premises liability lawyer should be a priority. The right lawyer offers knowledge and guidance and ensures you easily meet your liability expectations. But what exactly is premises liability? How do lawyers help? This guide explains more.

The Basics

Premises liability is, essentially, the responsibility that all landlords have when it comes to any injuries that take place on one of their properties. This form of liability can include slip-and-fall injuries, fires, or even criminal activity. As it’s the landlord’s responsibility to keep the entire property up to code, secure, and safe for all residents, fault will often fall on the landlord instead of the tenant, when an injury happens.

When You Might Need a Lawyer

Landlords should always seek out a lawyer when any type of incident takes place on their property. Whether it’s a tenant or a guest of a tenant that gets injured, or someone getting hurt as a result of inadequate security, getting a lawyer should be your first step toward resolving the situation.

As mentioned above, injuries related to any type of negligence or poor security are covered under premises liability.

When You Aren’t Responsible

While a lawyer should always be contacted after any incident, there are cases when a landlord is likely to be found not at fault. This primarily happens when the injured party was trespassing or otherwise illegally accessing the landlord’s property. This typically applies to adult trespassers, and landlords may still be found at fault if children trespass and are injured due to negligence or poor security.

Why You Need a Communicative Lawyer

When shopping for a premises liability lawyer, it’s important to have a lawyer with strong written and verbal communication skills. It is paramount for the lawyer that can communicate the different legal concepts to you in a simplified manner while also being able to represent you effectively and eloquently.

Find a Lawyer With Research Skills

The information your premises liability lawyer provides in your case should be from thorough research. A good lawyer should find it easy to research and effectively communicate the case findings to their clients and the court, if necessary. With effective research skills, developing realistic strategies to push for a win in your lawsuit remains possible. Making the case manageable is possible after the research.


Landlords should never hesitate to reach out to a premises liability lawyer the minute something happens on one of their properties. Having a lawyer help you establish fault, the cause of the injury, and other facts are crucial in ensuring that the problem is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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