push ups and bicep curls

Properly position the legs in chin-ups, push ups and bicep curls

push ups and bicep curls

Ups, push ups, curl … these are some of the exercises performed daily at the gym, and it is fixed within the training routines. It is true that most of us usually do this kind of exercise and know the mechanics to accomplish, but there are other things that escape us like the placement of the legs during development.

The upper on these exercises play an important role because it is the way we’re going to do, and they are all focused on this part of the body and specific muscles that are in this area. The problem is legs, And the lower body in this type of exercise is a little hook and many do not know how to put legs to strengthen the work of the upper and prevent the legs from interfering with the performance of each of the exercises.

bicep curls

Place the legs in the chin-

In the case of chins usually, the legs tend to be a hindrance as they are hanging and do not know how to put them. In many cases may come to destabilize when performing the movement up and down. First legs will help us balance when we conduct this type of exercise, so it is important to know how to place and No help her to give us momentum.

How to place your legs at the time of making will be dominated straight down, and bent backward at the knees. This will make the legs represent an additional burden when it comes to raising our body, thereby achieving greater development of strength in this area. Yes, the normal tendency is to advance the knees and keep hanging instead of uploading up to propel. This is something we should not do, for what we achieve is to propel and deflect the thrust to the lower body.

Placing the legs at the push

In the case of bending the legs play an important role since they are one of the support, we’re going to have when working the chest with this exercise. But despite being a point of support can be more than that, otherwise, you will help us properly place them over the odds when it comes to raising our body with the chest.

How to place your legs when we do push ups will be simple, as just the will have slightly apart and completely straight, Forming the backbone a straight line. This allows us to keep all the stress concentrated in the upper body, which is to bear all the stress of exercise. For this to occur it is necessary that the legs bend at any time or at the hip and the knees. If this happens you will get less of an effect we are looking for.

Place the legs in the curl

When performing leg curl can be placed in various ways to achieve an effect or another. On countless occasions, it is better to hear keep them flat on the floor to be able to develop more arm strength by having more points of support. This is relatively true since the real support is back that should be completely attached to the bank where you do the activity. The legs resting on the ground what they will get is that it deflects some of the tension in this area of the body, being of great help in raising the load. Keep reading How to get back into sport after an injury

If we really want the curl to concentrate all the tension in the chest which will elevate the legs slightly shrunken to get full support back to the bank in which we work and thus his weight in the pectoral muscles make them so they can withstand that tension. It is true that thus the charge that we use is less than if support legs on the floor.

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