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5 reasons why your company’s blog does not sell

We have said many times that your company’s blog is an essential tool to attract customers. Now, that does not mean that by the fact of creating a blog, immediately go to get results.

There are several reasons why a blog may not be helping you generate sales. And that does not necessarily mean that creating a blog was not a good idea, but there have been errors in the strategy, so now it may not be generating results.

Why your company’s blog does not sell

Let’s see at least 5 key aspects that you must take into account and for which the blog of your company may not sell.

  1. Under traffic

It is very clear that if your blog does not have an acceptable level of traffic, it will cost you a lot to see results. We do not want to scare you with this either. Everything depends on the objective you have. You can get sales even with a blog of 100 visits a day, as long as it is well optimized. You do not necessarily need a high traffic. Now, you do need to have at least a minimum audience so your blog can attract your target and get results. Continue Reading A Day in an Online Business Owner’s Life

  1. High bounce rate

Do not stay with the idea that the fact of having X visits means that each and every one of the people who come to your blog stay in it. If it turns out that then you have a very high bounce rate (put 90%), your results are probably very poor too.

And is that a high bounce rate can be the indicator that many things are not right on your page: speed, content, quality of web design, adequacy of the theme of the posts to what users are looking for, etc.

  1. Lack of optimization for conversion

Let’s say you have a good level of traffic and that your bounce rate is relatively low. If you still do not have conversions to sales in your store, the problem may be that your blog does not correctly redirect the sales pages, those in which the user can directly buy your product online or, at least, request a quote with a form.

If that is your case, you probably still do not know that there are conversion optimization techniques that can help you achieve better results. For example, the position in which you place the links in a post, or the number of links it has, can influence more or less significantly whether the user clicks or not.

An important aspect that you must take into account will also be to check which entries on your blog are the ones that generate more traffic. These entry routes are, in fact, those in which you should place visible buttons to drive the user to the landing page that interests you.

Also, keep in mind that you are probably only seeing the global traffic of your blog. But, if it turns out that only some pages are optimized for conversion, most of the visits your blog receives will obviously not produce the desired result.

  1. Lack of adequacy of content to your target

Content matters, and a lot. So much so that, if you start creating content on topics that have nothing to do with your target, you may end up bringing traffic, but you will have the wrong audience. That is, you may attract your competition, to people who would like to sell the same as you. You have applied a b2b strategy and not a b2c strategy.

You must make sure that the topics that you treat in your blog correspond with your target audience. At least, most of the articles in the blog should be oriented towards them, although then you touch some auxiliary topics.

  1. Your web page

And finally, it’s no use having the best blog in the world, if it turns out that the web page you redirect to your users does not convert. That is, you can have a good blog, but a bad web. If the design of your page is not attractive to users or does not correspond to what they actually look for, you probably have a high bounce rate among users who come to your website through your blog.

If you think that your company’s blog is experiencing any of these problems, we invite you to contact us and request our web positioning services. We give you free advice and help you generate usefully and quality content to attract your potential customers. You may also like

Do you think that the blog of your company does not sell? What are the results that it is generating?

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