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Moving: Should You Move or Ship Your Car?

Your move will take you far from your home, perhaps clear across the country. You own at least two vehicles and may be wondering how you will get them both to your new location. Clearly, one vehicle might be driven, but the other vehicle most likely will be shipped or perhaps sold instead. We’ll explore auto moving service review to help you determine the best course of action for you.

auto moving service

Talk with your moving company

Your moving company may offer an auto moving service explains the Allied Moving Companies. How they handle auto moves may vary with some movers connecting with auto moving companies to ship your car. In this case, your mover will serve as the intermediary. You might find it easier to deal with the auto mover service directly.

Reach out to auto moving service companies

Whereas moving companies specialize in moving household goods, automotive moving companies ship vehicles. Typically, these companies move vehicles that are being shown at special events such as the Concours d’Elegance or when collectors purchase a vehicle at auction. Some work closely with corporations to help employees get their vehicles to a new location. Expect to pay a rate based on the vehicle’s size and weight as well as the distance to the new location. You may be required to pay for insurance or that cost could be included with the service. Keep Reading Must have fitness apps for 2018

Consider hiring someone to drive your car

Just as there are services to ship your car where you want to take it, there are also companies and individuals willing to drive your car for you. Typically, you’ll pay a flat rate to have the person drive your car, plus expenses such as gas, tolls, food, and accommodations. That also means covering the cost of airfare to get this person back home. In some cases, you can find a person through a Craigslist ad who might be willing to drive your car one way. In effect, they’re looking for a reasonable way to get to a location and are willing to drive your car to get there.

Sell your car instead

You’ve explored the costs of shipping your car or having someone drive it across the country and have come to the conclusion that the cost doesn’t justify the work. That’s okay — selling your car may make perfect sense, especially if it is an older vehicle that isn’t considered a collector’s item. Selling your car may be as easy as contacting a friend who has expressed interest in buying it. You might also put a for sale sign on it after you confirm the vehicle’s value on a site such as Kelley Blue Book. In fact, a site such as KBB should help you gauge your car’s worth as you consider your options. Once your car has been sold, then hold on to the money — you may need to purchase another car once you arrive at your new destination.

Car Moving Considerations

If you do choose to keep your car and have it moved by the professionals, there are some ways you can save money. For one, if you insist on a door-to-door move, you’ll pay more for this service than for a terminal-to-terminal move. In the latter example, you’ll take your car to a hub and pick it up at a new hub near your next home. Also, expect to pay for a move if your car is moved in a closed carrier. Finally, consider the insurance costs too — it needs to cover everything, including the total loss of your car.

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