reasons why you have to clean the garage

5 reasons why you have to clean the garage

When we hear about health, the topic of eating a healthy diet or leading an active life always comes to mind, but we rarely read about the importance of health at home.
Cleaning in our homes is very important to lead a healthy life, especially the places where we do not live, such as storage rooms or garages.

A garage is a place in our house that accumulates a lot of dirt from the passage of our cars. We can see this dirt on the walls and the floor.

The floors are filled with oil and grease stains from vehicle engines. But we also see a lot of dirt on walls and ceilings due to residual smoke from cars that are embedded in these places.

We know that cleaning the garage or storage room can be a tedious and tiring task but we give you 5 reasons why you have to clean these areas of the home.

1.- Maintenance of our health

Cleaning and order are essential to eliminate possible sources of infection that may affect our health, such as dust, mites, mold, humidity, etc.

This accumulation of dirt can produce some kind of allergy, the most common to dust mites. A Finnish study reveals that 20% of asthmatic children owe their disease to poor domestic hygiene.

2.- Our lungs will thank usreasons why you have to clean the garage

As the fumes from the scars remain embedded in walls and ceilings, we breathe this dirt continuously, thus affecting our lung health.

In many garages, despite having optimal ventilation, airborne particles accumulate in our airways and can cause lung problems. These particles can be made up of a combination of dust, pollens, molds, and dirt.

Just by doing a thorough cleaning every 3 months, we can prevent the dirt in our garages from affecting our health and especially that of the little ones.

3.- We suffer less stressreasons why you have to clean the garage

According to the World Health Organization, stress is one of the ills of the 21st century. In relation to stress, it has been shown that those people who neglect the organization of the places they frequent are more prone to suffer diseases related to stress.

Therefore, it is very important to keep our home clean and tidy because if we start looking for something in a messy environment this makes us lose time and especially nervousness about not finding what we want. This nervousness can become stress, and according to the Spanish Heart Foundation, stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

So if we keep our home tidy, our hearts will also thank us.

4.- We rest more and better

Tidy house, healthy mind. This is the philosophy of Feng Shui. So if we keep our spaces tidy and clean this causes a very positive internal well-being for our rest.

5.- We avoid possible accidents

The visual disorder causes mental disorders. What do we mean by this? Well, that said mental disorder causes us not to pay attention to the tasks that require our attention. These distractions are possible causes of possible accidents.

It is advisable to eliminate these distractions, ordering and cleaning our areas, to avoid possible damage. For example, a slip when stepping on an oil slick.

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