Soap destroys Coronavirus

Soap destroys Coronavirus

An action similar to what we see when we wash our greasy hands. Soap attacks the lipids of the virus. Yes to disinfectant gels, but with two warnings

Soap destroys coronavirus

Wash your hands. Often it is good. It is the only reliable and universally shared way to defend against the coronavirus. And even the simplest, seen also we are talking about a gesture of daily hygiene to which we should all, and for a long time, be accustomed.

SOAP DESTROYS CORONAVIRUSSoap destroys Coronavirus

But why does soap have such a potency compared to COVID-19 risk? Where is its strength? And how does it manifest itself? We try to explain it in very simple and clear way and then get into some technical details: the soap disintegrates the virus just like the oil when have greasy hands. The mechanism is the same. That is, a mixture of molecules, contained in the soap, that attack the coronavirus and in particular some of its parts and destroy it.

The virus that has upset our daily lives has three components: ribonucleic acid, proteins and lipids. There are three elements that, to allow the virus to attack us, must always remain united and strike together. Otherwise the virus is unable to challenge our cells. And the soap effectively attacks the lipid fats, destroying them . Once it has lost one of its three components, the virus is out of the game.

WATER AND SOAP TO DESTROY COVID-19Soap destroys Coronavirus

As we said at the beginning, the “degreasing” action of soap, even compared to coronavirus, needs its time. And it’s not a matter of moments. It takes at least 20 seconds , during which time the soap interacts with the virus and destroys it, to complete the operation. And it is essential that your hands are washed well, and with plenty of water. As we explain in this article.


Finally, a word on soap alternatives. It is absolutely not necessary to rise in altitude with more powerful disinfectants, or even with materials usually used in the kitchen: unnecessary waste of resources with not negligible and possible side effects. Instead , a disinfectant gel can be used as an alternative to soap . Provided that you have a percentage of alcohol of at least 60 percent and that our hands are not too dirty.

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