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How to control your computer remotely with these free TeamViewer alternative

As we know, there are many ways to control our computers remotely. This can be very interesting if we are away from home and want to check something we have on the PC. We can even open programs, use the browser, put downloads … There are several tools for this. One of the best known is TeamViewer, of which we have recently talked about its latest version. In this article, we want to show some of the best TeamViewer alternative for both Windows and Linux.

Let’s name some free TeamViewer alternative. Let’s first see some available for Windows 10, the most used operating system on desktop computers today. Later we will see other alternatives for Linux.

Free TeamViewer alternative for Windows 10

SupremoTeamViewer alternative

A very interesting software that can be used for free does not need installation on the PC and, in addition, we do not need to configure our router or firewall to open any port, it is Supremo. Another very interesting feature of this software is that it allows us to connect multiple users to the same PC, and of course, we can configure Supremo for unattended remote access. It uses an AES-256 bit encryption to secure all communications, essential to protect our privacy.

This Supremo software is multiplatform, in addition, it has a specific application for Android and iOS, and will soon have a version for macOS. Finally, Supremo has a paid version that is much more affordable than Teamviewer.

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Zoho AssistTeamViewer alternative

Zoho Assist is a software that allows us to connect to remote computers very easily, quickly and without complications. This software is a great TeamViewer alternative. We can connect to a remote computer via the web, and even configure unattended remote access so that there is no one in front of a specific PC. We will not have to download any software on our computer, install it or worry about updates.

Some of the main features of this software are:

  • File transfer up to 2GB in size.
  • Instant chat to offer personalized help, either through text, audio, and even video.
  • Schedule remote assistance sessions, and even taking into account the destination’s time zone.
  • Navigation through several monitors, in case the computer we are going to control has multi-screen.
  • It allows the printing of documents from the remote computer to our local printer.
  • It allows you to restart your computer, and then it will connect automatically without having to end the active session.

Other important features of Zoho Assist are security and privacy, and it makes use of the SSL / TLS protocol to ensure point-to-point communications, using 256-bit AES so that the data channel is encrypted.

This software has different pricing plans, although the free plan will be sufficient for personal and commercial use, although with certain limitations. Zoho Assist is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems and is even compatible with Raspberry Pi. In addition, we have applications for iOS and Android that will allow us to remotely control computers, to greatly facilitate this task.

We recommend you visit the official website of Zoho Assist where you will find all the information about this great alternative solution to Teamviewer.

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Real VNCTeamViewer alternative

This is one of the most popular TeamViewer alternative for Windows 10. It is free, but it should also be mentioned that it is open source. If we enter your website we will see that it is designed for companies and also private users. They offer the possibility of accessing Windows remotely from anywhere.

The security is one of the primary factors because they promise complete encryption. It allows you to send files also remotely.

It has a free version , which may be more than enough for many users. But it also allows acquiring some of the payment plans with which to obtain other functionalities.

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Ammyy AdminTeamViewer alternative

Another of the free TeamViewer alternative that we have for Windows 10 is Ammyy Admin. It is a simpler option than the previous one. We can also use it as a portable application, without installation.

It also has security-focused functions. Our connections will not run any danger in this regard. We can adjust different privacy parameters and access to the remote connection.

One of the positive points of Ammyy Admin is its wide compatibility with other versions. It does not work only with Windows 10, but we can even use it in versions such as XP or Windows 2000. Ideal for those who have an older computer.

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Chrome Remote DesktopTeamViewer alternative

In this list of free alternatives to TeamViewer, you could not miss Chrome Remote Desktop. We already talked about this software in a previous article. It is a fairly simple and interesting option. We can connect to a Windows computer directly from the mobile, for example.

We have to configure some parameters. Especially you have to be careful with those related to security. You have to put a PIN that is difficult to find out.

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TeamViewer alternative for Linux

It should be mentioned that the previous ones could also be compatible with this operating system. But we will also give a couple of alternatives that are ideal for use in Linux.


One of these options is Vinegar. It is compatible with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. You have to configure several parameters, logically. For example, the IP of both the equipment to which we want to connect and the other.

It is considered one of the simplest options for users who are not too network experts.

Vinegar is a classic option for Linux. He has been with us for many years.

In an earlier article, we explain how to configure a VNC server in Ubuntu Server.

TigerVNCTeamViewer alternative

One more option that we find as an alternative to TeamViewer is TigerVNC. It is compatible with Linux. It is a free and open-source option. We can install it easily and it is available for numerous distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or SUSE.

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