Tips for Choosing Weapon Accessories

As a gun owner, you may be bombarded with suggestions or advertisements for pistol accessories. It can be overwhelming to read about all the stuff you “need” for your weapon. What accessories are truly necessary?

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Safe weapon storage is vital. Your gun safe should be locking and should secure your weapon in a way that it does not shift or bounce around when the safe is moved or bumped. If you have a large safe that stores multiple weapons, you may have unused or inefficient space usage. Therefore, consider investing in gun hangers and other storage solutions, such as hangers and magnets, that efficiently use your gun storage space. Don’t forget the dehumidifier, which keeps your firearms dry and rust free during storage.


You may choose to mount a light onto your pistol, but you should also have a flashlight in your gun storage or carrying case. Being able to light a scene may prevent you from accidental firing and will allow you to focus your aim on an intruder in the middle of the night.


Your holsters should secure your weapon to your body so it does not shift or move and is comfortable to carry. It should completely cover the trigger to prevent accidental firing. You should be able to draw your weapon easily and quickly from your holsters. You should also have a locking gun case in your vehicle in case you have to enter buildings in which guns are not allowed.


Not only should you invest in a good gun cleaning kit, but you may need additional tools for weapon maintenance. For example, a multitool will provide you with various knives, pliers and screw drivers. These can be used if you need to disassemble and reassemble a firearm or add accessories. Additional firearm-specific tool kits may also be purchased.

In addition to the trigger, magazine, barrel, citing and other pistol accessories, consider investing in strong, secure, well-organized storage, as well as proper light, holster and tool accessories.

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