How Transponder Keys Work and How To Replace Them

Automobile transponder keys have become increasingly popular because of the security benefits they offer over traditional keys. If you are new to this technology, you may be wondering how it works and how you can replace your key if you lose it or it stops working.

Transponder Keys

For the past 20 years, carmakers have been using car transponder keys Orlando to make their vehicles more difficult to steal. These keys incorporate microchips with unique serial numbers. The vehicle uses radio frequency identification to detect the serial number and determine whether to start the car.

Security Benefits

Transponder keys make vehicles more difficult to steal because attempting to hotwire a car with a transponder ignition system does not work. Mechanical keys come in a few standard variations. However, the digital ID of a transponder key is unique. If the vehicle does not detect the exact correct microchip and serial number in the key, it will not start.

Transponder Key Replacements

A drawback of the transponder key is that you cannot simply go to any retail outlet and get a new key made. If you need a copy, a replacement key, or the key has stopped working, the dealership where you purchased your vehicle or a locksmith that does transponder key replacements should be able to assist you.

Stolen Keys

If you suspect your transponder key was stolen, rather than replacing it, it is wise to have the dealer or locksmith install a new receiver so that your old key cannot be used to operate the vehicle. If you have comprehensive theft coverage on your auto insurance policy, it may cover the cost of the parts and the service.

Transponder keys are popular in modern vehicles because of the security benefits they offer. However, they can be more difficult and expensive to replace.

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