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The types of attraction that exist between people

The types of attraction that exist between people. The attraction between people can manifest itself in very different ways.

Attraction can be understood as a concept of physics.

However, it also extends to the field of interpersonal relationships and psychology. Thus, the attraction between people is a concept of social psychology, which tries to study it in all its aspects.

In this article, we will know the 7 types of attraction that exist (between people). We will know its definition, its characteristics, and its manifestations. In addition, we will explain what interpersonal attraction consists of social psychology.

What is the interpersonal attraction?

Interpersonal attraction is considered a type of force that is born from other people towards us; that is, it is a desire that others wake us up, and that makes us want to meet those people, to approach them, to talk, and even to have sexual relations (in the case of sexual attraction).

However, there are different types of attraction between people, depending on the type of desire that appears and the relationship we have with that person. Each type of attraction has its defining characteristics and specific manifestations.

In other words, the attraction is a social phenomenon that arouses our interest and that drives us to carry out actions such as: getting closer to others, starting conversations, flirting, flirting, etc. We are usually attracted to people who, for one reason or another (intellect, physical, personality …) like us or make us feel good.

This phenomenon has a lot to do with love, friendship or sexuality, as we will see throughout the article.

The 7 types of attraction that exist

We have already explained, in broad strokes, what is the attraction between people. It is something that, in a way, connects us to them; it is a kind of force that makes us want someone or be curious about that person; for approaching, talking to her, knowing her more, etc.

The attraction may appear before strangers, before friends, before lovers, before couples, before relatives, etc., depending on the type of attraction in question.

Let’s see the 7 types of attraction that exist between people

1. Romantic attractiontypes of attraction

The first of the types of attraction that we are going to explain is the romantic attraction. It is a type of attraction that has nothing to do with sexuality itself; that is, it is not about sexual attraction to someone, but rather the desire to maintain a romantic relationship with that person. Thus, it is a more emotional, deeper type of attraction.

This type of attraction can appear when, for example, we maintain a very good friendship with a person and suddenly we feel the desire to start a relationship (as a couple) with that person, because we feel something deeper, a feeling different from that of friendship ( love).

Love is based on romantic attraction, although it also draws on other types of attraction between people, which we will see next.

2. Physical/sexual attractiontypes of attraction

The physical or sexual attraction is the first one we usually think of when they talk about attraction. It is a more “carnal” attraction , of desire for the other person in their most physical and sexual sense. This type of attraction, in turn, can be of two types: subjective and objective physical or sexual attraction.

2.1. Subjective physical / sexual attraction

It’s about the attraction for someone we like physically, the desire to want to have sex with that person. This type of attraction to a certain person may change over time, depending on the relationship we have with them.

Even so, we can be sexually attracted to both known people (friends, partners …) and strangers (people we see on the street for the first time, for example). The intensity of that attraction will vary from case to case; In addition, if we feed that desire with sexual fantasies, the attraction usually increases.

2.2. Objective physical/sexual attraction

When we talk about objective physical or sexual attraction, it means that we think that a person we know is physically attractive; For example, it is to think that someone is very handsome, but without needing to imagine “anything” or wanting to have sex with that person (as in the previous case).

This usually happens with lifelong friends, from childhood; that do not attract us physically, but that we do believe that they are very handsome or beautiful.

3. Attraction of friendshiptypes of attraction

The third of the types of attraction is friendship. In this case, we talk about the desire to share moments with a person whom we consider a friend. We feel an attraction to that friendship because that person or relationship brings us personal well-being and satisfaction.

Thus, this type of attraction moves away from the sexual or the romantic and has more to do with the fact of enjoying a lot with a person and the desire to repeat it.

In this way, the attraction of friendship is felt by our friends. Normally it occurs in a “pure” way, without other types of attraction added (such as sexual attraction), with people of the same sex as us and in the case that we are heterosexual.

4. Sentimental attraction

The sentimental attraction is similar to the romantic attraction, because it relates to the feelings, although in this case, the feelings do not have to be romantic or loving. Thus, the sentimental attraction implies that another person arouses intense feelings, although not to want to start a relationship with her.

In a way, this kind of attraction is romantic but less intense. You can also say that little different feelings awaken us, such as admiration, pride, etc. towards the other or the other.

5. Sensual or sensory attraction

The sensual or sensory attraction has to do with contact, caresses, hugs, “pampering” , closeness … That is, they want to experiment with the senses in relation to another person.

We feel it when someone likes us or catches our attention and we want to get closer to him or her, feel him/her, etc. It also appears with people we already know for whom we feel a certain affection or appreciation.

6. Intellectual attractiontypes of attraction

The next type of attraction is intellectual attraction. It has to do with the desire to meet someone in their most intellectual facet; that is when we think that a person is very interesting, intelligent, that he can teach us or contribute many things, that he has a lot of cultures, etc.

Many times intellectual attraction causes sexual attraction. In addition, this type of attraction is mixed with feelings of respect, admiration, and pride towards someone.

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