Types of Coatings For Concrete

When a coating is applied to concrete, the purpose is to add an impenetrable barrier to protect it from penetration of oil, grease, water, and other materials that can harm it. Many different types of coatings are used to accomplish these goals, including penetrating coatings, fire-resistant coatings, and friction coatings. A penetrating coating goes one step further by not only providing a seal against external substances but penetrating deeply into the underlying layers to create a second seal. The layer between these two coats is referred to as the surface. A penetrating coating will penetrate the pores of the concrete, creating a second protective coating that can help protect the concrete even when no other treatments have been applied.

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Most chemical surfactant-based surface treatments are applied to roads, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and other surfaces at a depth of about three to four inches. Surfaces can be treated with either hydrophobic or non-hydrophobic agents. Hydrophobic agents are more soluble in water, which means they attach more readily to surfaces, such as those with a higher water content, and so they are more likely to be removed when surface treatments are applied. Non-hydrophobic agents tend to adhere more strongly to the surface, which can make them more effective. Both types of inhibitors can be combined with water based surfactants to increase the effectiveness of the seal.

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In recent years, the addition of plating to surface treatments, like those from Poeton has been made possible with the development of special electrochemical plating solutions. Electroplating uses electric currents to apply a coat of metal to exposed metals and steel. These electrochemical coatings have found widespread success in applications involving automobiles, boats, medical equipment, and industrial machinery. Plating is also used in the automotive and boat industries for resisting corrosion, metal detection, and enhancement of aesthetic appearance.

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