How To Get The Best From Your Oak Framed Buildings

There are numerous excellent reasons to think of building oak extensions, like the ones from Timberpride onto your property. You may wish to increase the size of your living room, make your dream kitchen or recreational area or even have extra rooms for the growing family. With oak flooring, it can be all of these and more. The range of styles and colours available can match most decorating schemes so that the end result is a beautiful living space or an attractive kitchen or bedroom. It is possible to create a contemporary or traditional look, depending on your preferences, all with hardwood floors.

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When you decide to build bespoke oak extensions, the first step is to work out the total area that will be affected by the new frame. It is then necessary to work out how you will fit this into the space available. This may include cutting down windows and doors or moving existing ones forwards or backwards. Once this is complete you can then work out the amount of oak frame you will require. This will depend on a few factors such as the number of doors and windows, how much space is available in the room you are replacing and whether you are going to be fitting it onto the wall already or completely onto the floor.

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You will find that it is very easy to source quality oak framed extensions and also that buying bespoke oak timber frames can often prove to be more expensive than the readymade versions. This is because bespoke wooden frames tend to be made to measure, rather than being manufactured to a specification. They can be made to perfectly fit into a room no matter how large or small, and because they are tailored to your exact requirements you can be absolutely sure that you will be getting the best quality throughout. If you choose a ready made wood frame you might not get the wood you require, or perhaps you might not get exactly what you were expecting. You could end up with something that does not look quite right and this will ruin the look of the room. If you use a custom built oak framed buildings and furniture, you can be confident of getting exactly what you want, because you know exactly what material has been used and by how much.


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