Wedding Superstitions

Weddings are surrounded by many traditions and superstitions, some of which are deserving of a revival and some which are better left forgotten! Even though we think we’re rational and forward-thinking, it’s surprising how many of us still adhere to these old and strange superstitions surrounding our nuptials. Similar to touching wood, not walking under a ladder, avoiding black cats and counting magpies – here are some wedding superstitions that you may or may not have heard of:

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Your surnames must not start with the same letter

We hope that you would know the last name of the person you proposing to, but just in case you forgot to ask, you’d better check it doesn’t begin with the same letter as yours. It is said to be bad luck to marry a person whose surname starts with the same letter as yours. Such is the strength of this superstition, that there is even a rhyme to accompany it. ‘To change the name and not the letter is to change for the worst and not the better’. Consider yourself warned!

Avoid pregnant women and blind men

In the past, the tradition was that a groom would send a trusted friend or family member to start proposal plans. However, on the way to the bride-to-be’s home, the messenger for the groom had to stay watchful for potential bad omens including seeing a blind man or a pregnant woman! Seeing either of these would be enough to stop the proposal in its tracks.

This tradition lives on in China, where pregnant women are seen as bad luck to a bride and groom. They often do not attend weddings because of this reason. Make everyone welcome on your wedding day with a stunning Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue like

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Colours affect future happiness

There are quite a few superstitions surrounding the colours you choose for your wedding day. Choosing a certain colour of wedding dress can define how happy you will be together as a couple for example. Superstitious brides should avoid wearing yellow, pink, green, grey or red (unless you’re in Asia where red is a lucky colour). The types of flowers chosen can also determine god or bad luck according to these superstitions. This is why some flowers are much more popular for weddings than others. In some cultures, peonies are seen as a sign of shame and yellow roses symbolise jealousy.


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