What is World Oral Health Day?

What is World Oral Health Day? World Oral Hygiene Day is celebrated every year in March. On this day, the World Health Organization (WHO) – which is part of the United Nations – declares that the struggle against oral cancer and oral health is one of the most pressing issues of the global community. A date in March is therefore proclaimed as World Oral Health Day.

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On this special day, oral health is given much attention. All countries send people to medical colleges and hospitals with the aim of preventing oral diseases. They also set up various programs for teaching and spreading oral hygiene messages. WHO gives support to countries to provide education on the preventative care of oral health, the significance of mouth hygiene and the fact that only by maintaining proper oral hygiene can we save the thousands of people who are infected and dying of oral cancer each year. The fight against oral cancer and other forms of this debilitating disease is a life-saving effort, and no country can do it alone. Do your bit for oral health with a Bamboo Toothbrush from https://bambooth.com/

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The challenge is to educate people on the benefits of good oral hygiene. There is a lot of interest in the subject and a lot of people are now aware of the need to promote good oral health. There have been some encouraging developments in the area of oral health recently. There are a lot of organisations that are trying to find innovative ways to disseminate oral health information. It will not be long before the entire world becomes aware of this global health problem and takes measures to help.


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