3 Simple Steps To Add Winter Curb Appeal to a Commercial Property

Wondering how you can give your commercial property a facelift even when the weather’s cold and gray? You can still give your business space a curb appeal makeover during the winter. Here are three simple steps to follow as you spruce up your business throughout the winter months.

1. Install New Signage

The easiest way to draw the attention of new and existing customers alike, no matter the season, is to install a new sign. Vancouver sign design and installation experts help you create a sign that incorporates your logo and branding in an eye-catching way. Upgrade to an option lit by LEDs so that your sign is bright and energy efficient, too.

2. Add a Warm Glow

You can combat the gray days of winter by upgrading the outdoor lighting strategy of your commercial property. You probably already have lights that illuminate the parking areas and walkways around your building, but it’s also a great idea to shine some spotlights on your building and any landscaping that surrounds it. It’s best to use fixtures that 2700K LED bulbs – they provide a warm glow that provides any building with an attractive look.

3. Incorporate Winter Plants

Good landscaping always adds a little something special to any property, whether residential or commercial. How do you landscape during the cold weather, though? The answer is simple – incorporate some cold-weather plants into the design of your retail space. Install some planter boxes with evergreen shrubs, eucalyptus or red twig dogwood. When placed around an entry door, it creates a charming impression on all of your guests.

Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your business with a charming makeover. Follow the tips above to add a little warmth to your commercial space throughout the season when it needs it the most.

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