5 Tips for Maintaining a Diesel Fuel System

Maintaining a diesel fuel system is a challenging but rewarding task. Follow these tips and stay on top of your maintenance for the best performance from your system.

1) Check Your Filters

If your system gets a lot of work, your filters may get dirtier than you might expect. If you work in areas with a lot of pollution or debris, check your air filters often. For fuel filters, consult your engine manufacture’s maintenance schedule, but it is recommended to change these every 15k miles.

2) Diesel Fuel Additives

When you stop at a truck stop or fueling station, most likely they will provide ULSD or biodiesel fuel with diesel additives. These additives help fuel gelling and keep your engine running smoothly. With these products, you do not need to add more additives to your fuel yourself.

3) Fuel Life Expectancy

You can expect diesel fuel to have a shelf life between 6 months to 1 year. Until then, as long as the fuel is kept clean, cool and dry, the fuel should not undergo any degradation. Purchasing fuel from a reliable supplier will also help guarantee a good shelf life.

4) Replacement Parts

If your system needs replacement parts, find the correct channel to get the correct parts. For example, if your system uses Airdog parts, find the necessary parts through them, and contact their customer service with part related questions.

5) Keep It Clean

It seems obvious, but just taking the time to clean your system can add years to its lifetime. A lot of dirt and grime and accumulate within your system is left unchecked, so take the time and effort necessary to keep yours clean and you will be rewarded in the long run.

Follow these tips to keep your system in shape and you can expect smooth sailing with your diesel fuel system.

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