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As a parent, we always want to give the best for our kids. So while searching for good products, we often get cheated by their attractive descriptions on the products. I hope my review on website helps you choose better products hereafter. I have been using it for more than two years starting from my pregnant days. And I have always got best items for the price that too at the earliest possible time. I had recently ordered a princess dress for my niece, and she was extremely happy with color and design. It enhances our kid’s beauty by bringing a smile on their faces.


Current generation moms who are not staying with elder people always need a caring hand who can guide on all necessary things to be kept handy and required to carry to the hospital. And Babyoye is something they were waiting for to know what all required to welcome a precious new member of the family. The large assortment of maternity and nursing items helps mom to know so many varieties of products available in the market to offer the best care. As feeding baby is the first step of motherhood, it can be made less cumbersome by carefully shopping few items. There are nursing pillows, breast pumps, nipple creams, bibs and napkins and much more essentials which make feeding time enjoyable for both mommy and baby. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Being parents we need to support and guide our baby or toddler in each stage as they cross different milestones. To support us, Babyoye has brought various kids toys that help to smooth out the developmental hurdles. For example, there are too many teething toys that keep our babies as comfortable as possible. At their earliest stage of development, faces and bright colors are the names of the game. Your baby’s vision is still blurry, which is why large, brightly colored items are easiest for him or her to see. Sensory toys that make a sound when pressed will help the baby become aware of what his or her hand is doing. As our baby continues to develop, boosting hand and eye coordination is an important consideration. And their playtime isn’t just fun, it’s an opportunity to encourage growth and development. has broken down their vast array of toys based on age. I really liked some of the toys that inspire creativity and learning in our child. A multitude of toys I found at Babyoye while browsing to gift somebody makes me know these many stuffs, Hope it helps you in some way.

Now has become my first choice for most of my gifting needs. Because the delivery process is too fast and if we are not satisfied with the product, we can easily exchange without any fuss. Once I faced an issue and returned the product and they refunded me the full amount. Hence I am now completely dependent on for all kid’s needs. As we can get everything online with the best quality, there is no need to waste time in searching different stores.

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