Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

How to Create the Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

An effective script can seamlessly guide call centre exchanges, but a weak script can seem forced and unhelpful. Here are some tips on ensuring efficient scripting for the best results.

Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

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Map out Business and Customer Needs

Businesses will have different priorities in mind. Before designing a script, consider whether speed and quick resolutions or customer engagement are most important, and define the business’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Sketch out the potential customer needs and associated solutions to ensure all possible pathways are considered.

Test It Out

Role-play scripts with others, especially those outside of the company, to strengthen the feel of the script and improve its natural flow through rehearsal while empathising with the customer.

It can also be beneficial to compare test groups – one with and one without scripting – so as to garner feedback and measure the responses to each. Recordings of calls can also provide a plethora of insights.

Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

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Go with the Flow

A script should be flexible and responsive to the individual customer. It should also convey a natural, spoken, authentic style. The script should be concise, with shorter sentences and no superfluous information, while ensuring the customer is aware of the points at which they can respond.

Bear in mind the varied methods of contact, including VoIP, with wholesale voice termination services like those from gaining popularity. Using ‘hello’ can be a more generally applicable greeting that negates the need to work out the customer’s time-zone.

Continual Development

A script is not set in stone. Through application and rehearsal, it can be developed, shaped and improved as a result of outcomes and feedback from both callers and staff. Appreciation of such feedback can heighten overall employee satisfaction in tandem with improving the customer journey.

The Format

Focus on the layout to make scripts easier to utilise. Keep it well structured, with a clear font. Make use of a bold font and coloured and underlined elements to highlight where emphasis should be made. Shorter paragraphs and bullet points can help prevent the script from feeling stunted, making it quicker to scan and be fleshed out rather than appearing like prose to be read.

Consider the possibility of different script versions, with a detailed option and a slimmed-down framework for less experienced and more experienced call handlers respectively.

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