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How to choose the best paddle boards for surfing

When buying a paddle surfboard and in order to choose the most suitable for us, we have to have a series of clear questions. There are many options on the market:  inflatable paddle surfboards, rigid boards, boards for walks, to practice yoga … and many brands, measures and prices.

Next, we will review all those aspects that must be taken into consideration to choose the best paddle boards for surfing.

Budget for best paddle boards

best paddle boards

The first step we have to take is to define a budget. Whether we can afford any paddle surfboard that comes to mind, or if we have a tight budget, you have to think about it beforehand. Defining a specific budget or a limited price range will help us limit the search.

Inflatable or rigid paddle surfboard?

Another key decision we have to make is whether to opt for an inflatable or rigid paddle surfboard. The inflatable paddle surfboards have become very popular in recent years due to how easily transportable and storable they are. If we have space problems and we do not have a roof rack in the car, surely it is one of the best paddle boards option for us. If on the other hand, we have enough space to carry our board without problems, then surely we can opt for a rigid paddle surfboard.

User of the table

Another consideration to consider is who is going to be the user of the table. It is not the same as the table is going to be used by a child than by an adult. And it’s not the same as we want to share the table with other family members that we want exclusively for personal use. The measure of the paddle surfboard is chosen according to the rider. Keep this factor in mind before buying your SUP board.

Modality: Stroll, yoga, surfing, river descent

As there are different measures of paddle boards, there are also different models depending on the use and the type of Paddle Surf that you want to practice. When we buy a paddle surfboard, we have to think about the different types of activities we are going to want to do with it. Nowadays, there are so many paddle surfboards on the market specifically designed for different activities: like taking walks on the sea, doing yoga on the board, using it to surf, or use it to go down rivers.

Place of use beach, swamps, waves

In addition, you have to think about the place of preferential use of the table. Best paddle boards for surfing can be used for aquatic surfaces in general, but without a doubt, there are differences between using a board in a swamp, where the water is always calm, that on a beautiful beach where we could face waves and it is convenient that our table is ready for them.

For all these factors we recommend that before venturing into the purchase of a SUP board, you should be advised by experienced or professional people. We recommend that you take a good look at a paddle surf online store where you can clarify all those doubts.

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