What Are the Best Pharmacies for an Online Doctor Consultation in the U.K.?

We have technology to thank for the advent of online pharmacy and online doctor consultation services. The idea of getting free consultations, prescription, and advice from a specialist only by logging in a portal which is free of cost appeals to almost everyone.

The benefits of these services make visiting online pharmacies preferable to visiting the local pharmacies. These services are also legal in the U.K.; you would not be breaking any law by consulting a doctor over the internet. However, before having an online consultation, check if the pharmacy is based in the U.K. and listed on the General Medical Council (GMC) register.

How Does Online Doctor Consultation Work?

Having an online free doctor consultancy in many ways is the same as having a face-to-face consultation. The significant difference is that you can be anywhere and it doesn’t require a doctor to be physically present.

The primary objective of a consultation is to answer the questions of a person based on health-related problems, injuries, provide information about the condition, and prescribe treatments. The online doctor would as the same questions a doctor would ask you physically to assess your health.

After this, he would proceed to prescribe a treatment for you. The prescription from a registered online consultancy can be used any physical pharmacy in the U.K. Some online pharmacies even offer to send this prescription to a pharmacy of your choice where you can go and pick up your medicine.

Three Online Pharmacies in the U.K. You Can Trust

The United Kingdom is home to some of the biggest and most prominent online pharmacies in the world. Online pharmacies have to be registered by the National Health Service (NHS). Registered online pharmacies get a logo/seal from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Any online pharmacy that meets these requirements have doctors you can consult either via a chat, voice, or video call. There is no are over 40 registered online pharmacies in the U.K where you can consult an online doctor. Below are three online pharmacies operating in the U.K. you can trust.


Over the year, Pharmica has built a reputation as one of the best online pharmacies operating in the U.K. Thousands of positive reviews from delighted visitors would be enough to convince you.

Also, Pharmica offers free consultancy services with highly-qualified medical practitioners. Along with its services Pharmica sells prescriptions and treatments for many different conditions. You visit Pharmica, select a treatment, proceed to complete the consultation, and a general practitioner would prescribe a drug to you. There is also an option to chat with an online doctor.

Pharmica also has a physical pharmacy in London where patients can visit. Online consultation at Pharmica is convenient and straightforward. If you reside in London, Pharmica can have your drugs delivered within a day.


This is the first, and now one of the biggest online pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom. It is NHS-registered and has been operational since 1999. Pharmacy2U offers a variety of treatments. Like Pharmacia, it also runs a physical pharmacy store in the U.K.

Consultation at this online pharmacy is free and just as easy. Pharmacy2U has registered healthcare professionals who would evaluate your online questionnaire. When your questionnaire has been reviewed, you can proceed to buy the medication on the online drug store.

Prescription Doctor

Prescription Doctor is another excellent online pharmacy where you would find treatment for various conditions U.K. It has registered healthcare professionals who are around to carry out consultancies and prescribe medications for multiple conditions. Having an online consultancy at Prescription Doctor is very similar to other two online pharmacies discussed above.

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation at These Pharmacies

Are there any extra benefits of having your prescription at our recommended online pharmacies?

Free Consultation with an Online Doctor

While online consultancy is cheaper than one done physically, these pharmacies offer free online consultancy services. After discussing with the doctor, you can get a prescription from these online pharmacies without any extra cost.

Find the Best Prices

Online pharmacies are known for selling drugs at much lower prices than physical pharmacies. However, in the U.K. these pharmacies offer the best prices you can get anywhere. For example, the cost of Orlistat starts from £0.44 at Pharmica; however, other online pharmacies sell from £0.7.

Easy Prescription

Completing a consultancy at these Pharmica, Pharmacy2U, and Prescription Doctor is as easy as easy can get. Once registered, all you need do is follow the simple steps highlighted above. Getting a prescription is equally easy.

After your online meeting, you can either buy the drugs from the online pharmacy and have it delivered to your home or have the GP send your prescription to the nearest pharmacy to you where you can move smoothly go and pick up your order.

Extra Information

The online pharmacies we recommend do not only carry out consultancy and sell drugs. There are health-related articles on various conditions you can read to understand better and manage your health condition.

Consult at Your Convenience

These online pharmacies offer the easiest form of consultancy, and at any time of the day. You get to pick the time when you consult your doctor at any time of the day. You also do not have to sit in a hospital or a pharmacy, and you can talk with a doctor from your sitting room.

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