Business gifts for clients

Using Business gifts for clients and workers as a marketing tool

Using business gifts for clients are an important part of the effective marketing strategy of different companies and businesses. Although they are perceived by some bosses or managers as an expense, if they are well made and planned with a goal, the opposite is true. I will explain…

It is not the same to use business gifts to make branding than to try to close a sale or build customer loyalty. The main problem I find as a marketing specialist is that many times people do not know why and what to do business gifts.

And that’s what I’ll talk about in this article.

Why make business gifts?

The first reason to make it, because they are part of the marketing of the company and if they are objectively oriented, they can be very beneficial.

The second reason is, they often help to specify stages, such as attracting new clients or being loyal to old clients.

Finally, the third reason is,  many times people want to have memories and details of their favorite brands and what better idea than to use business gifts or promotional items.

Benefits of using business gifts for clients and workers

There are 3 main benefits of using business gifts, which I will comment below:

To attract new customers

The first benefit of using business gifts or promotional gifts is that they are an excellent tool to attract new customers.

For example, including a gift, as a reward or purchase incentive, can help the client end up choosing one or the other option.

For customer loyalty

Another benefit of business gifts is they can be very practical to retain loyal or old customers.

For example, recently my bank gave me a PowerBank, for being a loyal and technological customer, since I always help them with some advice or let them know if any cashier or their website is not working.

To keep the workers loyal

Finally, the third benefit of business gifts has to do with the use of loyalty and reward people in the company.

Obviously, it is not about giving a pen or a hat, but some workers really love the company’s products.

For example, recently at an event for programmers, they gave everyone a few cups of coffee and USB coffee heaters.

Iinteresting business plan of using business gifts for clients, right?

To whom to give business gifts?

In certain it could be said that there are different groups of people, some of which I mentioned earlier. However, I share with you some interesting ideas.

  • Potential customers
  • New clients
  • Faithful clients
  • Workers
  • Influencers
  • Youtubers
  • Intermediaries
  • Partners
  • Strategic allies
  • Key institutions
  • Famous
  • Media staff
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are many people to which, strategically, they can make some kind of business gift and thus improve the image of the brand or achieve some type of objective.


Business gifts for clients

Types of business gifts for clients

The truth is that there are countless business gifts to use, and new options appear every day.

For example, today you have large categories of gifts to choose from, such as:

  • Pens (Plastic and Metallic)
  • Notebooks
  • Watches
  • Coolers
  • Jugs and Mugs
  • Tools
  • Swiss Army Knives
  • Keychains
  • Umbrella
  • Backpacks or Bags
  • Briefcase
  • Wines
  • Headphones
  • Calculators
  • Technology in general

As you can see there are many categories of products to make gifts and within each category, there are subcategories and infinite options.

It’s all about you clearly understanding why and what you want to give.

How to choose business gifts for clients?

If your company aims for this year to make some kind of corporate gift, I will give you 3 important tips to choose the ideal

# 1 – What is your goal?

As I said before, everything depends on the objective. It is not the same to choose a gift to attract customers than one to build loyalty.

So you have to be clear on the reason or objective.

# 2 – How is the receiver?

In the examples that I mentioned in the article, I commented on a bank that gave me a PowerBank, something ideal for me that I really like technology.

Without a doubt, they studied me, because if they gave me a hat or a pencil, I would have hated it!

Analyze very well who you want to reach with your promotional gifts, how is that person or client, what they have tastes or if it is something massive, something that many people like.

# 3 – What is your budget?

Finally, you have to understand that gifts will cost you money, so your budget is well analyzed.

It’s not about buying cheap things with your budget and ending up not liking anyone. It is about really INVESTING that money in good business gifts for clients.

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