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My Top 5 content marketing tips for you

Have you ever thought about how people get to find a website or blog? Beyond finding out about advertising, many people do the following:

Open the browser, enter Google and enter a phrase. Moreover, people stopped writing single words as before, now they search for complete sentences based on their needs. That’s why we will highlight some of the content marketing tips for you to understand more.

For example, people have come to my blog looking for:

“I want to be the best leader on the planet” or “I’m terrified of job interviews”

Interesting, right?

For this reason, having a content marketing strategy can be very useful for many people to arrive in one way or another to your page or blog. Whether it’s a video, a podcast or even an article, the content will be what really ends up hooking people to stay with you.

But there is something that is very important. There is a lot of talk about content marketing today. In online you will find a lot of information on the subject. From the tools, you can use your relationship with Inbound Marketing or how to make an effective campaign using this technique.

However, all of this made me think:

If I could only give 5 content marketing tips to people, what would they be? Do you want to know what they are?

My Top 5 Content Marketing Tips

Define your audience before you start writing

The first of the Content Marketing tips will sound to you if you usually read my blog.

I said it several times; the biggest mistake I made when I became a blogger was to think about writing only what I wanted and not who I wanted to write for.

The result is that I had all kinds of visitors, achieved few conversions, my positioning in Google was a disaster and I really felt that I did not connect with my readers because they were very variable.

Take my advice:

Before you start with everything, really think about who the reader is that you want to have.

If you want a little help, I recommend my article on how to create a Buyer Persona in which you will also find a free template to write your profile.

Define your style

I’m going to tell you something about myself:

I love Batman. Really, he’s my favorite superhero for many reasons.

Do you remember his movies? There are several and with different actors. Each of them gave a different touch to Batman.

Despite being the same superhero, his personality changed according to the actor who represented him.

The same thing happens with a blog or website when it defines its style in its content marketing strategy. That’s why the second of the Content Marketing tips that you should take into account is:

Define your style before starting to create content. Otherwise, you may change a lot, confuse your “consumers” or even end up looking like a person with bipolarity.

Think of evergreen content

Did you ever hear about evergreen content? The content evergreen or content “always green” are those contents that can last for all eternity and that generation after generation could reach.

For example, I am sure that for many years more people will look for things like:

  • How to be a good leader
  • How to read the palm of the hand
  • Personal motivation tips

This type of content can become eternal, always fresh, never out of date (or do it on a small scale) but have a great benefit. They will bring you visits for years.

The third of the advice on Content Marketing that I have for you is that you see about the subject you like to write, the possibility of including evergreen content to attract visitors for years, decades or maybe centuries!!!

Use several tools

If you visit my article about the 15 characteristics of the best sellers you will notice that at the beginning of it there is a video taken from my Youtube channel that says almost the same thing.

Why did I do this?

Very simple, because it is a content adapted to different formats.

Blog visitors can end up subscribing to my Youtube channel, as it can be the other way around. The important thing is that I take more than one tool.

The fourth of the content marketing tips that I really recommend is that you try using different tools, from articles, videos, audios, animations, infographics, etc.

content marketing tips

Quantity is not always quality

Finally, the fifth of my best tips on Content Marketing that I have for you is the following:


At that time in my life I would think that if people found themselves with a big text, they would say something like:


What really happened?

The people were thinking:


Until today it’s hard for me to try to make higher quality content and fewer words, but that’s the way people like it.

So if you have a very extensive content, it would not be a bad idea to split it into small capsules and attract your visitors for more days.

I hope you liked these tips on content marketing. They may seem simple, but believe me, beyond all experience I showed that you get very good results if you follow these tips.

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