The Hospitality Industry, Post Covid

The Hospitality Industry was one of the hardest hit when the covid Pandemic struck the entire world at the beginning of 2020.  For almost two years, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs were forced to close their doors to their previously loyal customers. For those that managed to diversify and remain viable, the long-awaited end of the isolation period meant Customers could once again return to their favourite food and drink venues. Attracting anxious customers back through their doors has proven an up-hill battle with lots of individuals fearful of eating out in confined spaces, surrounded by lots of other people. For a long-time face masks, hand sanitisers and Social Distancing were all part of the “New Normal” Hospitality scene.

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Fighting to regain their popularity and entice customers back into their venues, forward thinking restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs invested in a modern, revolutionary, Pager System purchased from a reputable, experienced company such as  With these clever Systems in place their customers were served as soon as they were ready to order, preventing a backlog of orders and ensuring a smooth and efficient service.

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This high level of quick and efficient service allowed customers to feel in control and safe in the environment and encouraged them to return to the venue.  Prioritising the needs of the customer has helped tremendously to alleviate the fear of Covid returning and allows everyone to relax and enjoy their hospitality experience once again.

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