What is Industrial Cleaning?

You may have heard about industrial cleaning, but what does it entail?

Cleaning industrial areas is cleaning in places where there are hazards that would not be present under normal cleaning conditions. For example, this could be areas like factories, power plants and industrial buildings. This field requires a high level of safety awareness and specialist training. Cleaning operatives may be required to wear personal protective equipment and use certain chemicals during the cleaning process. For Industrial Cleaning Services Gloucestershire, go to https://intocleaning.co.uk/contract-cleaning-services/industrial-cleaning-services-gloucestershire/

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This is a very demanding and difficult job. Cleaning the offices that are attached to factories or warehouses is also challenging, especially when you think about the dirt and dust tracked into the office from the factory floor. The safety issues that come with working near large machinery and equipment can also be a challenge. You may find materials like dust, fibreglass or paint, as well as metal shavings, making it difficult to keep sensitive machine parts clean and free of dust.

Industrial cleaning is a type of cleaning that many companies offer. It’s a service offered in industries such as manufacturing, warehouses and industrial. Due to the nature of this task, industrial cleaning will be carried out by specialist staff who will have been trained in health and security and other aspects of industrial requirements. Commercial cleaning shares some of the same responsibilities as industrial cleaning, but with fewer potential hazards.

A cleaning service for industrial areas can also be hired to clean the following areas:



Office Spaces


Conference rooms


Locker rooms

Loading docks




Exhaust systems

Cleaning is required in industrial plants that produce oil, plastics, metals, fertilisers, or chemical products. Cleaning specialist plants includes:

Silo cleaning


Water pipes

Paint Removal

Conveyor belt cleaning

Coating removal

Spill clean ups

Tank cleaning

HVAC Cleaning

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Industrial cleaners may have to perform heavy cleaning tasks as well as janitorial and caretaking duties. The role of an industrial cleaner is very different from that in other environments, like a retail or school setting. A more hazardous environment will always be present in an industrial setting. You may need to use safety equipment and specialist machinery.

It is also physically demanding, as you will need to be able operate equipment powered by high-pressure water. To ensure safety for the driver and others around them, the operation of specialised trucks requires training and certification. It is common for the work to involve the removal of chemicals and hazardous materials. Inspections, maintenance work and repairs could also be included.

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