Smaller Bedroom Ideas to Make the Most of your Space

The bedroom is a place where you need to rest and relax and of course sleep well. Rooms come in many shapes and sizes and some rooms may be small. If you are wondering how to best handle furniture, styling, design and make the most of a small room, here are some ideas to help you …

When space comes first, storage should be considered more than ever. Use all available space in a small room. Think of adding shelves above the bed, using the bed itself for storage, such as beds which have storage inside and underneath them, and also by building storage around the headboard itself. Storage that is designed and created to fit the room specifically is also a great idea such as these bespoke fitted wardrobes

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A well decorated bedroom is appealing no matter what the size of it. Using colours that are lighter can give the room a lighter and brighter feel and create the illusion of more space. Darker colours are often said not to work well in smaller rooms but take a look online and you will see many galleries and inspirational home pictures that embrace the darkness and use darker colours brilliantly to create a cosy and comfortable feeling room, so don’t be afraid of them!

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Take advantage of a room that has nooks and crannies – areas such as under eaves spaces that cannot be used for furniture can be utilised to add in some storage facilities. You should also consider the best way to arrange the room to ensure that you are making the most of the space that is in there. Layouts that work in larger bedrooms will most likely not be suitable for a smaller room, so it is time to get creative with how you do it. Placing things on the walls can also add the feeling of height to the room whilst also making the room feel more personal and individual. In fact, the smaller the rooms often lend themselves to the quirkier home décor styles, so this is your chance to have fun and let your imagination run wild with creative ideas.

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