What skills do plumbers need?

Plumbers work in both commercial and residential properties installing and maintaining water and piping systems. Plumbers require both hard and soft skills to deliver this service to their clients. Some of the skills required are detailed below.

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Mechanical skills

Plumbers will need to train in order to use tools and machinery to complete a variety of tasks, such as installing copper pipe connectors like the ones at watkinspowis.co.uk/. They will also need to problem solve by using equipment specific to their industry.

Physical skills

Being a plumber is a physical job. They will need keen eyesight to spot faults or complete tasks with little light. Some specialised tools will also require good eyesight as these can be small and very specific. Plumbers will also need to be flexible enough to reach areas that are often hard to get to, and strong enough to carry tools and piping with them.

Good education

A good education can go a long way in the plumbing profession. The more a plumber knows about water pressure, geometries, and mathematics, the easier the job will be. It’s always a good idea to brush up on the basics before enrolling on a plumbing course. Some educators suggest taking online mathematics tests to gauge skills before taking on any other training. Take the test here.

Administrative skills

Being a plumber means managing accounts from all kinds of clients, especially if you’re self-employed. Administration skills can help you to keep track of appointments, invoicing, purchasing parts, and much more. A plumber will also need the ability to write reports informing the homeowner of the work that will be covered.

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Communication skills

Plumbers will need to communicate with a variety of people while working. Whether it’s talking to a client or ordering parts or reporting back to an employer, communication is a large part of the job. It’s important to learn how to communicate professionally and effectively in all aspects of the role.

Being a plumber is a rewarding job if you’re willing to put the work in and gain the skills necessary.

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