Family Law Explained

Have you got a question about the type of law that deals with family issues? Perhaps you find yourself facing a new life event and you could use some specialist advice. Family law can cover a wide range of issues, including separation, divorce, adoption, custody, financial settlements and asset distribution. It also covers guardianship, visitation, and guardianship requests. Other issues that are dealt with include insurance, trusts, inheritance, pensions and benefits.

What is family law?

The field of family law includes a wide range of claims and disputes. Ideally, a family law solicitor will read the brief in each case and discuss it with the other parties involved. Then, try to arrange a settlement.

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If there is no agreement, the solicitor will continue the case. He or she will submit any defences and motions required and present the case to the court. Smaller issues are usually dealt with by the district court while more complex and large cases are heard in the Family Court of the High Court Division. Family law solicitors are often required to deal with many different people in a wide range of life situations. This includes some of the most vulnerable members of society, like children and parents, for example. To find out more about Family Law Solicitors Gloucester, visit Dee & Griffin.

Most family law cases involve the input of different people who are specialists in various aspects of law. To present a smooth and uniform argument before a judge, solicitors and law office staff must communicate and liaise with various professionals, including police officers, psychologists, GPs, social workers and welfare workers.

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The standard requirements for legal professionals in this field include: good academic records; high proficiency in written and oral communication; good negotiation skills; a disciplined, organised work approach and a clear, convincing thought process. Also, time and people management are very important.

When dealing with family matters, it is important to be friendly and empathic with your client, to understand their issues and to guide and support them throughout the process. You must also be able to analyse which strategies and approaches will work best for each client as every client and every case are different.

You might have cause to use the services of Family Law Solicitors Gloucester if you are going through a divorce, contesting a will, looking for access or custody rights and for cases involving fostering or adoption, for example.

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