How do electric tapping machines work?

Electric tapping machines are powerful tools that simplify the process of creating internal threads in various materials.

Benefits of electric tapping machines

Electric tapping machines, such as Roscamat electric tapping machines, have several advantages over manual tapping methods. They provide consistent and precise thread cutting, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring uniformity across multiple workpieces.

The automation aspect of Roscamat electric tapping machines also saves time and effort, especially when dealing with large-scale or repetitive tapping tasks. Additionally, electric tapping machines can handle various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. You can read about the development of the tapping machine here:


First, the workpiece is set firmly in place using clamps or a vice to ensure the material is stable and won’t move during the tapping process. The appropriate tap size for the desired thread is then selected and inserted securely into the tapping machine’s chuck.

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Positioning and alignment

Next, the tapping machine’s spindle is positioned directly over the pre-drilled hole in the workpiece. The spindle houses the tap, which will cut the threads. It must be properly aligned to avoid any errors during the tapping process.


Once the machine is properly aligned the electric tapping machine is activated and will engage the tap and start rotating it. The rotational motion of the tap is driven by an electric motor within the machine, providing a consistent and controlled movement.

Cutting the threads

As the tap rotates, it moves downward into the pre-drilled hole, gradually cutting threads into the material. The cutting action is achieved through the sharp edges of the tap, which removes material, forming the internal threads.


After the tap has cut the threads to the desired depth, the electric tapping machine is reversed or stopped. This reverse or withdrawal action is crucial to prevent damage to the newly created threads and the tap itself. The machine withdraws the tap from the hole, completing the tapping process.

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Electric tapping machines simplify the process of creating internal threads. These machines offer speed, accuracy, and efficiency, improving productivity and ensuring consistent thread quality.

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