It’s tough choosing a budget laptop

While PC manufacturers love to promote expensive notebooks with high-end features, history shows that most people opt for a budget laptop. Why not? A laptop that costs £300 can be an excellent machine for many years. For Cheap Laptops, consider

The brands know you’re doing it. They have flooded the market by releasing hundreds of configurations that are slightly modified to maximise profit. If you don’t have a clue what to look out for, it can be difficult to choose the best budget laptop. Sale models can be particularly tricky, since retailers will often try to get rid of older models or models with poor configurations.

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Operating system: Windows or ChromeOS?

An operating system is the most important decision you will make. Budget laptops are available with either Microsoft Windows or Google ChromeOS. Chromebooks are often cheaper than Windows laptops.

ChromeOS is an operating system that’s fast, smooth and simple. It’s ideal for those with a strong internet connection who prefer Google services. Most apps and services are available online, but the selection is limited.

Windows is powerful, versatile and functional. You can choose from hundreds of thousands applications to complete any task. The majority of keyboards, displays, and mice are designed first for Windows, but they may work with ChromeOS. Windows isn’t quite as smooth as ChromeOS, and it requires a laptop with more power to run smoothly.

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Budget laptops come with low-end CPUs that you won’t find in higher-priced PCs. Not only will you find Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon budget processors but also MediaTek and Samsung processors.

These processors are old and outdated. These processors have old designs, and their performance may be significantly lower than more recent options.

MediaTek, Intel Celeron, and AMD Athlon CPUs are significantly slower than laptops that have Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors. These processors are available at low prices. However, faster machines remain affordable. Laptops starting at £300 can have AMD Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3. This is a better deal.

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