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If you have been struggling with hearing loss and impairment and believe it could be due to a natural build-up of excess wax then you should speak to a trained professional such as  Regain control of your hearing and book an appointment at one of over twenty specialist Clinics spread around the Country.  After a thorough and in-depth Consultation with a skilled, professional technician you can choose from three, different, safe and effective Ear wax removal treatments, performed by a highly trained, fully qualified specialist.  Firstly, there is the Manual Extraction Method, which involves a long, thin, specially designed instrument being gently and carefully inserted into your Ear to remove the offending build-up of wax.  Secondly, these skilled technicians can perform the Water Irrigation Method. This procedure uses warm water to flush out the pre-softened wax gently and easily.

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Lastly, they can use the Microsuction method, which is the safest and cleanest way to remove the natural build-up of excessive ear wax.  Using a very fine tube that’s securely connected to a suction machine and a microscope to look inside your ear canal the professional technician can see exactly where the wax is before removing it with the help of the innovative suction machine.

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This third and most effective method is especially recommended for patients with narrow ear canals or those with a past history of ear problems including a perforated eardrum.

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