Different ways to get the most from lubricant

From easing painful friction or saving a dried condom, there is no limit to what lubricant can add to sex.

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Water-based lubricant is the most popular type, which is easily washed off and safe for use with condoms.

There are also many different ways to get the most from lubricant.

Use it to masturbate

Lubricant has been used since 350 BC and can be traced back to its first use in Ancient Greece). Even masturbation can be improved using lubricant and avoids using moisturising lotion which can contain chemicals. All you need are a few drops for a smoother feel.

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Use it for masturbating with a vibrator

The strong electrifying pulse of a vibrator can hit all the right spots, but can quickly become too much. For a different but more fluid sensation try adding a dab of lubricant to the vibrator.
However, ensure you use water-based lubricant rather than a silicone lubricant. Silicone lubricants can deteriorate the soft rubber of the vibrator.

Use it for vaginal intercourse

There is no wrong method to use lubrication during intercourse. You can apply lubrication directly to the body, penis or condom. Start with a small-sized dollop first, and add more if you need it. Occasionally you may use too much, where there is too much slippage or lubrication drips, but this can be easily wiped off.

You want to avoid reducing all the friction as this can remove much of the sensation. Instead, experiment, and find the right quantity that works for you.

Use inside a condom

Lubrication can be used to increase the sensation of sex while being protected. Adding a little amount before unrolling it increases the sensitivity within the condom.

Adequate protection is vital during sexual intercourse. To ensure you are STI-free order London home STI kits from organisations such as https://www.bexleysexualhealth.org/chlamydia_screening/.

Flavoured lubrication can also be useful during oral sex.

Use it for anal intercourse as unlike the vagina, no natural lubricant is produced by the anus. It is best to be liberal with the amount as too much lubricant is not an issue during anal sex.

Use it for massages

Good-quality lubrication is safe for use on the body, so why not use it to enhance a massage? It can be used to increase sensation and create an enjoyable back massage.

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