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Dyson Vacuum Not Sucking? Fix-It Easily Now!

No matter what is the type of your vacuum cleaner is an issue with the suctioning is very common. The primary task of the vacuum cleaner is to suck.

The vacuum cleaner is an everyday need. For a working person, life without a vacuum cleaner becomes harder and nearly impossible.

Life has become so busy nowadays; it is hard to break the schedule and take the broken machines to repair. As a vacuum cleaner is a daily used machine, issues with this one are possible.

Dyson Vacuum Not Sucking

Not all the issues, but some problems are easy to fix at home. And, when your one is a Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is easier to fix.

With our expert suggestions, we have every possible solution for your Dyson vacuum cleaner suction issues.

Not only the solutions but the reasons that are responsible for the lack of suctioning we have covered below. The Dyson vacuum cleaners are not just perfect for regular use. They also do a great job with pet hair.

Reasons and solutions with suctioning issues

There are many possible reasons that are responsible for suctioning issues. Suctioning issues can be happened because of the problem of filters, in the leakage of the bags, and many more issues.

Reason 1

The first reason your vacuum cleaner may lose suction is the leakage in the bag. If the vacuum cleaner has any leakages in the bag or the body of it. The air it sucks may get leaked with the hole and the vacuum cleaner loos suction. Is that happening the vacuum cleaner 100% loses its suction and not considered to be for further use? With the bagged models, the leakage seems to be in the bag, and with the bagless ones, the leakage appears to be in the body of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner may get leaked in many ways, like the bags you get from the market can be the leaked ones from earlier, or it can get leaked later by the pest’s roam in your house all the time. And with the bagless ones there also can be many reasons for the leakage like if during the time of use the vacuum face any accident or get pushed by any of the4 furniture in your house or because of getting older the body of your machine may lose its strength.


Every problem has a solution, and when in the expert hands, it must have to get fixed. The issue with the air loss from leakage is straightforward to handle. If your machine is a bagless one, just removes the leaked bag or attach the leaking bag with some duct tape and place it where it was. Your problem will be solved. If your one doesn’t have any bag and is a bagless model of vacuum cleaner, then no need to worry. Find out the leak the body of the vacuum cleaner has and fix it with some glue or tape. If you see that the leakage cannot be repaired, go to the store and find the same model body and replace the damaged one. Your problem will be solved. If nothing works, simply change the machine and get a newer one.

Reason 2

The next reason after the leakage is the issue with the filter. The filter the thing in the vacuum cleaner, which has to face the harder conditions. All the dust or dirt particles the vacuum cleaner collects have to go through the filter. The filter needs to be cleaned frequently to keep the vacuum cleaner always workable. If the vacuum cleaner gets much dirty, the vacuum cleaner can lose its appetite and suction power. Because of the low suction, the motor of the machine can also come under pressure and get damaged.


This problem can also be easily solved. You do not even have to bother with this issue much. The vacuum cleaners filter needs to be cleaned every day after tomorrow. It is wiser to clean it after every use, if possible. If you don’t do it, always do it now and clean your vacuum cleaners filter. The suction power will be ok. Sometimes even after cleaning the filter, it doesn’t work better. This happens only when your vacuum cleaner filter is expired and needs to get changed. It happens to spend some bucks and get a new filter for your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Reason 3

It is the most critical and hard issue to fix. The vacuum cleaner can lose its suction if the motor of the machine doesn’t work correctly. If the motor gets aged or faces any problem, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner can get lessened, and your vacuum cleaner can become useless.


This issue is a bit hard to fix at home, and you need to waste some time to fix this issue. You will need a screwdriver and have to open the machine to find where the motor is and have to diagnose it. If you can find the problem, just fix it. If, after fixing the device doesn’t work, change it and get a newer motor for your vacuum cleaner and replace the older damaged one with, the newer one. Your problem will be solved.


Here the best possible problem which can be the reason for the loss of the suction of the Dyson vacuum cleaner we have mentioned discussed and give solutions.

We have just added those issues that can get fixed at home easily and swiftly. It’s not guaranteed that your machine will be all ok after you apply what we suggested.

It may not get fixed. Sometimes the issues become bigger than it looks. If your machine doesn’t get fixed after you apply those things, we have suggested you take your machine to some expert hands and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Sometimes because of more and more use, the broken machines are be3comes unfixable. Then the only choice that will be your hand to get a newer one.

If you decide to get a newer vacuum cleaner, you can check on our site where we have plenty of collections of best vacuum cleaners and other home appliances.

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