Graber vs Hunter Douglas: A Battle of the Window Blind Brands

Are you in the market for window blinds? If so, you’ve probably come across two popular names in the industry: Graber and Hunter Douglas. These two brands have been competing for the top spot in the window blind market for years, and it’s no wonder why. They both offer a wide range of styles, materials, and features to suit every taste and need. But which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Graber and Hunter Douglas, comparing their products, reputation, and overall value. So, let’s dive in and see which brand comes out on top in this battle of the window blind giants.

Graber: The Underdog with a Strong Foothold

First up, let’s talk about Graber. While it may not be as widely recognized as Hunter Douglas, this brand has a lot to offer. Graber has been in the window treatment business for over 80 years, and that kind of longevity speaks volumes about their quality and expertise.

Quality and Craftsmanship

When it comes to quality, Graber is known for its attention to detail and craftsmanship. They take pride in using high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to create blinds that not only look great but also stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for wood blinds, cellular shades, or roller shades, Graber has a range of options to choose from, all made with precision and care.

Customization and Style

Customization and Style

One of the standout features of Graber is its commitment to customization. They understand that every home is unique, and they offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that your blinds fit your space perfectly. From different colors and finishes to various operating mechanisms, Graber allows you to personalize your window treatments to match your style and preferences.

Innovative Technology

Graber isn’t just about aesthetics; they also prioritize functionality. They offer motorized blinds and shades that can be controlled with a remote or even through your smartphone. This level of convenience can make your life easier and add a touch of luxury to your home.

Warranty and Customer Service

Graber is also known for its customer-friendly policies. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on many of their products, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. Additionally, their customer service is highly rated, with helpful representatives ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Hunter Douglas: The Established Industry Leader

Now, let’s turn our attention to the heavyweight in the window blind industry – Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas has been around for nearly a century and has firmly established itself as a leader in the field.

Innovative Design and Technology

Hunter Douglas is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to design and technology. They have introduced several groundbreaking products, including the Duette® Honeycomb Shades, which are designed to improve energy efficiency by trapping air in their unique cellular structure. Hunter Douglas is also a pioneer in motorized blinds and smart home integration, making it a top choice for tech-savvy homeowners.

Wide Range of Options

Similar to Graber, Hunter Douglas offers an extensive range of window treatments, from blinds and shades to shutters and drapes. They have an impressive selection of fabrics, colors, and textures, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any room. Whether you want a cozy, rustic look or a sleek, modern feel, Hunter Douglas has you covered.

Reputation and Prestige

Reputation and Prestige

Hunter Douglas has earned a reputation for excellence and prestige. Many interior designers and architects recommend their products for their high-end look and superior quality. If you’re looking to make a statement with your window treatments and have a budget that reflects that aspiration, Hunter Douglas may be the brand for you.

Lifetime Guarantee and Customer Support

Like Graber, Hunter Douglas offers a limited lifetime warranty on many of their products, giving you confidence in their durability. Their customer support is also well-regarded, with knowledgeable representatives who can assist you in selecting the right blinds and addressing any concerns you may have.

The Showdown: Graber vs. Hunter Douglas

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at both Graber and Hunter Douglas, it’s time for the showdown. Which brand comes out on top in various aspects that matter to homeowners? Let’s break it down:

1. Quality and Craftsmanship:

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas are known for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Both brands use high-quality materials and employ innovative manufacturing techniques to create durable and visually appealing window treatments. It’s a tie in this category.

2. Customization and Style:

Graber shines in the customization department, offering a wide range of options for personalizing your blinds or shades. However, Hunter Douglas also provides an extensive selection of fabrics, colors, and textures, making it a close competition. If customization is your top priority, Graber might have a slight edge.

3. Innovative Technology:

Hunter Douglas takes the lead when it comes to innovative technology. They have a long history of introducing cutting-edge features like motorization and smart home integration, making them the go-to choice for those who want the latest tech in their window treatments.

  1. Warranty and Customer Service:

Both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty on many of their products, ensuring that your investment is protected. Their customer service is also highly rated, so you can expect a positive experience when dealing with either company. It’s another tie in this category.

5. Price and Affordability:

Price and Affordability

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – price. Hunter Douglas products tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, reflecting their reputation for luxury and prestige. Graber, on the other hand, offers excellent value for the quality they provide. If you’re on a budget, Graber may be the more cost-effective choice.

6. Reputation and Prestige:

Hunter Douglas has a more established reputation and is often associated with high-end interior design. If you want to make a statement and are willing to invest in premium window treatments, Hunter Douglas might be the brand for you. Graber, while well-respected, may not have the same level of prestige.

7. Eco-Friendly Options:

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas offer eco-friendly window treatment options for environmentally conscious homeowners. If sustainability is a priority for you, be sure to explore their respective eco-friendly product lines.


  1. Are Graber and Hunter Douglas the only window blind brands worth considering?

No, there are other reputable window blind brands in the market. However, Graber and Hunter Douglas are among the most well-known and widely recognized, offering a range of high-quality options.

  1. What factors should I consider when choosing between Graber and Hunter Douglas?

Consider your budget, desired level of customization, technological preferences, and the overall style you want to achieve in your home. These factors will help you decide which brand aligns best with your needs.

  1. Are Graber and Hunter Douglas blinds easy to install on my own?

Both brands offer user-friendly installation instructions and support. However, the ease of installation may vary depending on the specific product you choose. If you’re not comfortable with DIY installations, you can always hire a professional.

  1. Do Graber and Hunter Douglas offer child-safe window blind options?

Yes, both Graber and Hunter Douglas offer child-safe window treatments that comply with safety regulations. These options include cordless blinds and motorized blinds, which eliminate the risk of dangling cords that can be a hazard to children and pets.

  1. Can I get a free consultation or in-home measurement from Graber or Hunter Douglas?

Yes, both companies offer free consultations and in-home measurements to help you choose the right window treatments for your space. Contact their customer service or visit their websites to schedule an appointment.

In the end

Whether you choose Graber or Hunter Douglas, you can be confident that you’re investing in quality window treatments that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Your choice ultimately depends on your individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. So, take your time, explore their product lines, and make the decision that best suits your needs. After all, it’s your home, and the window blinds you choose should reflect your unique style and taste.

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