haircuts and hairstyles that give you years

5 haircuts and hairstyles that give you years

Are you thinking of a change of look? Before scissors do their thing, don’t miss our tips on the oldest hairstyles and why you should avoid them.

Just as there are beautiful clothes that have the instant effect or colors that we feel better than others, there are also wicks aging and hair haircuts that add us yea or s. And, as on most occasions, it is a simple detail that makes the difference, both for good and for bad.

If you want to look younger (or you just don’t want to join the years for free), as soon as your confinement is over and before you go to the hairdresser and opt for a new haircut, take note of what aging haircuts are like. Keep reading and find out what are the haircuts of the famous what does and does not favor you.

Short, with volume, curly…haircuts and hairstyles that give you years

That Charlize Theron is one of the best-looking women with short hair is a temple-like truth, but that haircut with pin-up curls adds years instantly.

Long and straighthaircuts and hairstyles that give you years

If you want to wear long hair, it is better to have something shaped and not straight, as Rosalía does. The layers, which frame the face, will favor you. And when you go to comb your hair, run away from the low pigtails and the line in the middle because they also add years.

The pixiehaircuts and hairstyles that give you years

Contrary to what we might think, the pixie cut could add years to you for a simple reason: as the years go by, we tend to lose hair and hair as weathered as Zoë Kravitz’s will not hide it. Of course, if you keep a good head of hair, go ahead with it.

Straight and too long hair

Although Jennifer Lopez is a true goddess, there are times when she is more favored than others. The bob hair feels to him of death, nevertheless, the extensions and that smooth so polished age.

When the bangs are XXL

In addition to being tremendously uncomfortable (especially in summer, when in addition to not seeing in conditions, the forehead sweats more than expected), an extra-long bangs like the one worn by Blanca Suárez adds years. It is not that we have to cover the crow’s feet, but that we focus our attention on another part of the face. Open bangs are much more rejuvenating.

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