How to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

How to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

A quick but comprehensive guide on how to be happy every day of our life. From the workplace to the family environment.

Man has always wondered what happiness is. And how it can be achieved. Great authors have tried to give it a definition. But given the complexity and abstractness of the concept, it was not so simple. In any case, each of us would like to find the key on how to be happy. Not only for a moment or a few hours but daily. In short, can happiness become a constant in our life?

If for some people this is impossible, for others, however, it is not so. For example, Raffaele Morelli, a physician, a psychiatrist. And psychotherapist has written various books, including The Handbook of Happiness and happiness is within you, where it tells how to be happy. All this shows that happiness should not be seen as a utopia. But rather as a goal not so difficult to achieve. In fact, it is not a commonplace: it is the little things that make us live happily.

So, we have compiled a list of 10 tips for you, which we could call the ” 10 steps to happiness “. Before revealing them, however. We suggest you watch this video with simple self-esteem exercises to be performed every day, the first step to feeling good about yourself always. Here is the article on How to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness.

1. Smile beating the sadnessHow to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

Everyone has had a moment or even a whole period of bad mood and sadness. It’s absolutely normal: daily stress, worries of various kinds. And different importance or even a more or less serious episode can significantly compromise your mood. However, both in these more complex situations and in normality, he always tries to keep an open attitude towards happiness. In fact, keeping the right disposition is the first step: saying “I want to be happy” is not enough, you have to be convinced of it, trying to observe everything that surrounds you in a positive way.

To do this, move away from those activities or people that make you unhappy, choosing, instead, to surround yourself with hobbies, friends, and family who always bring you a smile. Furthermore, Science says it: smiling, regardless of whether you are happy or not, improves mood. So why not do it as often as you can?

2. Carpe diem

“Who wants to be happy, either: there is no certainty of tomorrow .” It was the year 1490 and Lorenzo de ‘Medici, called Il Magnifico, returned to the epicurean concept of carpe diem, which is “to seize the moment”, enjoying every moment of life without thinking about what will happen next. We are aware that this philosophy cannot always be followed, but sometimes happiness is also dictated by knowing how to accept new challenges and seize the right opportunities. It is not enough, therefore, to continuously repeat what you would like to do, but you should talk and try to achieve what you want to do.

Switching from the use of the conditional to that of the present indicative is fundamental on a mental level: it helps you to set a goal, to feel stimulated and not to work mechanically. Just like before, a determination is essential to being happy. In this regard, Raffaele Morelli says: «Every moment is good for taking one’s life in hand, the train of happiness is passing right at this moment. »

3. Take care of yourself

It is always a noble gesture to think and worry about others. However, if you want to be happy, you don’t have to get overwhelmed by other people’s problems, forgetting about yourself. Give yourself time and passions at least two or three times a week: go shopping, make an appointment for a relaxing massage, go for a run, paint or participate in a concert. Any activity as long as it makes you feel good and brings a true and sincere smile on your face. In fact, there is a tendency to underestimate how much these little things are a remedy for the body and soul, fundamental for achieving happiness. Remember that taking care of yourself is not a selfish choice, but a right.

4. Value friendshipHow to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

Friends are our greatest allies to face everyday challenges. In fact, the support of the family is not always sufficient: we need to interact with people “external” to the family, with whom we share interests, personality traits or other characteristics. For this, friends are considered to be one of the best antidotes to unhappiness, both when they take care of you and vice versa. In fact, they always bring part of the happiness you need in your life.

Furthermore, it has been shown how to dialogue with individuals to whom we are linked- especially if of profound themes – contribute significantly to our happiness. The scientific explanation refers to the release of endorphin and dopamine, responsible for the sense of happiness and relaxation, while at the “soul” level we are happy for the sociability and awareness of having established a strong and lasting bond. In a period in which less and less time is left for human relationships, try to enhance friendship to live peacefully and happily.

5. “You are not the money you have in the bank”

“You are not your job. You are not the amount of money you have in the bank; you are not the car you drive or the contents of your wallet. You are not your brand clothes. » This is one of the most famous phrases of the famous film Fight Club. Which contains the saying known by every one of ” money does not make happiness “. Surely, you could object to this saying, which perhaps will seem to you also passed in time. In fact, we are not denying the usefulness of money, but it essentially serves us to have a home, enough food, other goods – such as shoes and clothes – and to be able to take away some whim. Once you manage to earn enough to satisfy your basic needs, your happiness will no longer be dictated by the money you have in your checking account, but by your optimism.

Indeed, money gives us the illusion of being happy. You may have already bought something and felt happy, almost euphoric. However, this sensation lasts a few hours and soon runs out. This does not mean that a good shopping session is not good, quite the contrary! But you should not lose sight of true happiness, made up of people and feelings, not material things.

6. Accept forgiveness, reject grudge

How to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

“Forgiving is good for the heart”. No, this is not a saying, but reality. It is scientifically proven that not continually hatching anger and resentment and keeping a more permissive attitude contribute to improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

We know that forgiving is not always simple. But it is necessary to do it to take the road to happiness. A first tip to do this is to ask the question ” Is it worth it? »: Unless the wrong done by the other person is really serious, most of the time the answer is« No ». Forgiveness not only makes you feel good physically but also mentally, a fundamental step to be happy: by no longer holding a grudge and empathizing with the other. You can feel a “real weight” lifted from the soul.

7. Who is satisfied enjoys … only half

Throughout life, a change always frightens, even those who are open to novelties. Changing means going to meet the unknown and it is normal to feel a little fear of an unknown situation. However, it is often necessary to welcome changes in order not to remain anchored to situations that over time have become narrow or unbearable. Accepting anything unconditionally and being contented leads to frustration and stress. Do not just dream of a turning point in your life, you can make it yourself, committing to achieve it.

8. Follow your instincts

How to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

Although it is true that every day we learn something new about our person. It is also the fact that nobody knows us better than ourselves. Therefore, when you are faced with a “crossroads” and are forced to choose, you have to weigh the different options, but never forget your instincts.

Letting go and following your instinctive part, not just the rational part, are two indispensable actions to achieve happiness and not always feel “forced” into a pattern. In any case, never regret your decisions. Follow the 3 C rule of life: Choices, Chances, Changes, or “Choices, Opportunities, Changes”. Making a decision is the first step in having an opportunity either your life will never change: you know, nobody likes stalemates.

9. Remove those who have a negative effect on you

There are people we have known for a lifetime, but who have a negative effect on our mood. The solution is only one: do not be afraid to remove them. In fact, those who always complain, who “take apart” your every project and who find your every idea impossible to implement. Only go to negatively influence your self-esteem and compromise your way to be happy. Surround yourself with people who, like you, try to look at every situation from the right perspective. And who helps you to get up in the most difficult moments, not to get down. Remember, happiness and negativity don’t get along.

10. Don’t live by rulesHow to be happy: 10 tips to achieve happiness

To live in a society, rules are needed: this is not discussed. However, whenever possible, try to get out of the box and not to carry on a life similar to a “roadmap”: perfect organization and precision are not everything! How to do? It’s really easy because there are infinite possibilities: turn up the volume of your favorite song a little. And sing alone in front of the mirror, stop the diet for a day and treat yourself to the tastiest foods you love, change the layout of the furniture in the house or leave the last minute to have a weekend away. These “jolts” or simple follies are small things that they get you out of the routine and are needed to be happy.

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