How to clean a leather jacket

How to clean a leather jacket

Leather is one of those fragile natural materials that require special maintenance to last over time. If you have a nice leather jacket, washing it in the washing machine is out of the question. You could damage it. To keep it for a long time, here are some practical tips on how to clean a leather jacket.

How to clean a leather jacket with soapy water

Cleaning your leather jacket can be done with a soapy solution. To do this, you just need to mix a little dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water. Then gently clean your jacket using a sponge or a soft cloth lightly moistened with this solution. Prefer long, regular strokes to rubbing too vigorously for cleaning the leather. Finally, rinse off the solution by ironing the jacket with a sponge slightly dampened with clear water then let it dry naturally by hanging it in a well-ventilated place.

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How to clean a leather jacket with a dedicated product

Sold as a gel, spray or bar soap, leather cleaning products clean and protect leather by softening it and removing stains and dirt. Applied directly in small quantities, the product should penetrate the leather with slow circular movements. Once your jacket has absorbed the product well, rub it with a clean cloth to remove the excess. If any stains or dirt remain, do not hesitate to repeat the operation. Your jacket will look new and be protected and nourished for months.

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How to clean a leather jacket with other methods

In addition, cleansing milk, baby cleansing lotions, glycerine soap, or white vinegar can be used to clean your leather jacket. For example, cleansing milk and baby cleanser should be applied in gentle circular motions before cleaning the leather with a soft cloth. Glycerine soap should be used in the same way as for cleaning your leather jacket with soapy water. Finally, a solution composed of 50% white vinegar and 50% water can be sprayed directly on the leather and then cleaned with a soft damp cloth after waiting 3 minutes.

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How to clean a suede jacket

With a velvety feel, “suede” or turned leather does not require the same treatment as conventional leather. There are 2 solutions: soda crystals or ammonia. Cleaning suede with soda crystals uses the same process as that with soapy water: dissolve a cup of crystals in 1 liter of hot water and gently clean your jacket with a washcloth previously soaked in the solution before doing air dry. Finally, cleaning with ammonia also uses the same process as soapy water: added a few drops of ammonia, the soapy solution will give your jacket a facelift.

Caring for your leather jacket

To maintain your jacket, remember to protect it with a stain remover without acetone or solvent. This will prevent its stripping. Also, remember to waterproof it regularly to prevent it from deteriorating. Likewise, cleaning the leather per year with a renovating product will protect it from humidity and make it soft and supple. Also, avoid wearing your garment in rainy weather and do not expose it to heat. Finally, follow the manufacturer’s expert care instructions for cleaning leather jackets.

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