How to edit video to avoid copyright

How to edit video to avoid copyright?

Video copyright is a tricky thing, especially when using copyrighted footage to parody, satirize or criticize. There are many good videos on YouTube made by YouTubers who include the original video in their own edit which is usually for humor or entertainment purposes. While it can be funny and creative, this type of editing often runs into copyright issues. With that being said, I’m going to show you how to edit video to avoid copyright, so your footage can stay safe from legal issues.

How to edit video to avoid copyright?

How to edit video to avoid copyright

The video editing website we’ll be using is called VideoPad Video Editor, which can be found [online]. This site allows you to upload and edit videos for free in order to avoid copyright. With the use of this program, you can create your own footage and add it into a separate video file that hasn’t been copyrighted by anyone else.

Step 1

Open the program and choose your footage. To start, you’ll need to open the program, then click “add video” in order to upload any original footage you have created yourself. From here, select the file you wish to use, then click “open.”

Step 2

Add music and other media. After uploading your original footage, you can now add additional media such as voiceovers, images or music. To do this, click “Media Library” at the top of the program interface and select whatever files you wish to use. Once finished, click “add” to add them to your video.

Step 3

Edit the footage and create a new file. After adding all of your media, you can now edit it however you please in order to avoid copyright issues in the future. You can cut parts out of the original video or rearrange clips for personal preference. When finished, click “share” to create a new file that you can use without copyright violations.

Once done creating your edit, you have successfully created an original video with no copyright issues attached to it. You are now free to use this clip in the future when creating YouTube videos for your friends or even on your own channel.

Tips to avoid copyright on videos

• Include original footage. If you want to use a video clip for comedy purposes, replace any copyrighted images or audio with your own original material. For example, if you are referencing another company, then put in your logo instead of theirs.

• Edit the video to make it different than the original. Instead of copying and pasting an entire scene from a movie, make some changes to it. For example, if you are making fun of an actor in another movie, change their appearance (such as hair color or clothing) or act differently than them.

• Use free music instead of buying expensive tracks. There are many websites online that provide royalty-free music for videos like [this one].

• Learn about online tools that can help you avoid copyright. There are many great sites out there with tutorials on how to edit videos and stay safe from legal issues when using copyrighted footage.


If you want to create a video online without copyright issues, it’s best to use original audio and video and edit the footage so it can stand on its own. This way you won’t violate any other user’s intellectual property and be able to share your projects with the world!

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