catwalk trends

Ideas for sewing this spring’s catwalk trends

There are so many exciting new styles in fashion this season. Many people will be pleased to get out of their cosy winter clothes and dream of sunnier days ahead. How about making yourself some new clothes at a fraction of the price that you would pay in the major high street and designer shops? When creating your own clothes, concentrate on practical designs for every day, not zany, high fashions that no one except models on the catwalk would wear.

catwalk trends

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Let’s look at the major players for this year’s spring and summer looks.

Pastel Shades

This feminine look is always popular. Plain and printed silky dressmaking fabric is widely available in crepe and satin. Popular colours that work well with these fabrics are green, ivory and silver. Try the ruched look as an alternative to plain styles.

Formal Denim

This fabric has never gone out of fashion and can be used for dressing smart and casual styles alike. There are so many different shades of denim, and the fabric can be made up into dresses, tops, jackets and skirts, as well as the classic jeans.

catwalk trends

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Bright Colours

Bolder colours suit many people and are on trend. Cotton jersey and crepe dressmaking fabric is easy to sew into stunning outfits. For those who are confident enough to carry off this look, it is particularly effective if used for the whole outfit; otherwise, bright colours can be teamed with neutral shades and denim.

Pencil Skirts

This is another classic, and many fabric options are available in terms of colours and prints. You can even find fringed material. Take a look at to see some fabric options.


If you missed out on trying some of the more daring sleeve trends last year, it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon with this trend as it shows no signs of fading away. There are many patterns available for at least four different styles of sleeves that can be made in fabrics such as cotton lawn and gingham. Sleeve fabrics are also available from #

Tropical and Flower Prints

Finally, for those who like the really bold look, these fabrics are definitely still very much on trend. Not all of the patterns are big; there are small florals and some subtler, pastel shades. Polyester jersey sews up beautifully into wrap-style dresses. Continue Reading  Fashion lingerie for autumn: fall for the fall-inspired fashion…!!

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