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15 dining and kitchen room designs for small spaces

If you live in an apartment or a small house and you need to create a small daily dining area, here are some ideas that can help you take advantage of the dining and kitchen room designs together for small spaces and achieve a comfortable, cozy and well-decorated environment.

Adorable Dining Room with Round Table

kitchen room designs

To create our small dining room we must consider the layout of the cabinets and the shape of the kitchen room designs. Today there are many alternatives to save space and the most important thing is the size and shape of the table. For those who have free space in the back of the kitchen room designs, a round table is perfect, brings harmony to the environment balancing the walls with corners at right angles.

Small Dining Room with Table against the Wall

kitchen room designs

A small free area of the wall can be sufficient for the dining area, the table against the wall will allow free flow of the passage. In the same way, we can decorate this area with wallpaper with prints and a central mirror marking the focal point of the room and achieving an elegant environment.The idea is to maintain a balance between one object and another, as the dark wallpaper absorbs natural light, the mirror helps to recover it with its duplicity effect.

Functional shelf that saves space on the dining table

kitchen room designs

A functional option is placing a shelf to store on the folding daily dining table as we see in this design in front of the kitchen room designs cabinets.

Lighting to Differentiate the Kitchen room designs and Dining Areas

kitchen room designs

This is a well decorated small kitchen room designs that look cozy and elegant.Various lamps emphasize the kitchen areas. Hanging pedestal lights towards the bottom, linear ceiling lights in the cooking area and a wall lamp in the dining room area. Decorated in neutral tones with accents in yellow and orange. The game of patterns between one side and another dynamizes the space looking modern and well integrated.

Simple and Quiet Design of Dining Room and Kitchen room designs Together

kitchen room designs

A simpler approach to our kitchen room designs is to introduce a table and chairs of the same color as the cabinets. As decorative accents, we see a fruit bowl on the table that matches the picture on the wall.

Cozy Dining Area in the Kitchen room designs Corner

kitchen room designs

Another idea for a small restaurant is through custom furniture that adapts to the limited space available. This design shows us how they take advantage of a small corner of the kitchen. A stool with backrests and padded seats accompanied by decorative cushions. The roundtable is perfect so that this area does not look so rigid.

Small and Cozy Dining Room Industrial Style

kitchen room designs

Here we see that the dining room is located towards one side of the kitchen. We see that a large central lamp of the same color as the cabinets help to unify the decoration of both spaces. Industrial style details such as exposed brick walls, spotlights, and hanging cables differ from the modern appearance of the kitchen room designs area. Neutral colors with olive accents help create a fresh and welcoming environment.

Bar to Eat in Narrow Kitchen room designs Space

kitchen room designs

For a small and narrow kitchen, a solution to create a dining room is a bar against the wall with benches to save space. The same table can be used to prepare food.

Living Room, Dining Room and Together in a Single Environment

kitchen room designs

When we have a small kitchen room designs open to other areas of the house, the kitchen bars are a great solution to separate environments. This modern design, where the high and simple table is accompanied by circular hanging lamps to mark style and elegance.

Elegant Kitchen room designs and Dining Room

kitchen room designs

This is another small kitchen design with daily dining room against the window. The kitchen area is defined by a small false ceiling structure with linear orange panels. The same material is used for the bar and the kitchen countertop. This area is decorated with paintings, flowers and two layers of curtains, one is soft lace in curved shapes, and the other simple in bottle green.

Kitchen room designs Division with a Small Dining Area

kitchen room designs

In this long and narrow kitchen, the open space is used to other areas for the daily dining room. We see that the wood material of the table and the black banks mark contrast to distinguish this area.

Folding Functional Dining Table with Shelves

kitchen room designs

Another efficient and functional way for the small space of our kitchen room designs is through furniture that helps to save a little space.

Furniture that Save Space

kitchen room designs

A creative solution like in this cabinet design with multiple drawers. One is transformed into a dining table and two of them into seats.

Kitchen room designs and Dining Room in Red and White

kitchen room designs

A small kitchen room designs in white with decorative accents in red. This design shows us how the structure of the small space of the kitchen is used, dividing the environment into two parts, a food preparation area separated by a cabinet, and another area as a dining room.

Environments Decorated in High Contrast

kitchen room designs

This small kitchen room designs decorated in contrasting colors includes a table in the central part of the room as part of the extension of the kitchen cabinets. On it, the available vertical space is used to include more storage space.

These were some ideas to create and decorate your kitchen room designs with a small dining area and thus achieve a warmer and more welcoming to share with family. If you have any ideas to renew your space, tell us!

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